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  1. Captain K.

    The new town Revelstoke

    Hello, I am Sven. Daniel and I, we have built this town together. Here one picture of the station. We still will make a pair of pictures of details and vehicles. Greeting, Sven
  2. Captain K.

    HMS Repentance

    Hi Tony, I am speechless! An excellent work. The ship is lovely. Actual perfect. There are still more pictures of the ship and its details. Capt. K.
  3. Captain K.

    Puerto de la Cruz became larger

    Hello, my habour "puerto de la cruz" became larger. Look at you the pictures. More pictures are here: Brickshelf Make me happy to answer. Greeting, Capt. K.
  4. Captain K.

    Island with pirates

    Is very beautiful! I like it. A little quiet and dreamy island. *wub* Also gives treasures there ??? Capt. K.
  5. Captain K.

    Puerto de la Cruz became larger

    Hello, We have both parts put the port together today. And then the port looks that way. Still a picture with ship. But it is not ready yet. We still work on it. More pictures here: Brickshelf Daniel G. and Capt. K.
  6. Captain K.

    SET REVIEW 1788 Treasure Chest

    Hello, I do not know this set, and it has never seen before! But I like it! I find it good. Capt. K.
  7. Captain K.

    My new ships

    HMS Cannonball 38d Hello, my new not yet finished ships! First: the HMS Cannonball, a eight cannons a Brigg of War. Pictures of Brickshelf Second: The HMS Leopard, a fourth-rate ship with 52 cannons. Pictures of Brickshelf I converted my ship the HMS Sirius to HMS Leopard. But are said like both ships still in build. Capt. K.
  8. Captain K.

    My new ships

    @ Mr. Tiber I answer this excuse only now. I have understood the text correctly only now. Stripe is not the lower yolks from tiles. The trunk is firmly connected to the rest of the ship. I give you properly. The ship should more greatly get no more for the Lego trunk parts. This is the limit in my opinion now, too. For an even bigger ship the trunk should be built from bricks. Capt. K.
  9. Captain K.

    My new ships

    @ Col. Whipstick The ships remain like it are. If I build still another new ship, I will procure myself for it also new parts. In the port of Portsmouth there were no problems a place for the HMS leopard to find. But in Puerto de la Cruz gives to find it problems a place. Because the ship is stationed there. Capt. K.
  10. Captain K.

    Puerto de la Cruz became larger

    Hello, I find colonial architecture also very beautiful. A dream of me was to be always built such a city. I did not see the film "1492" over Columbus. Unfortunately! Capt. K.
  11. Captain K.

    My new ships

    Next I will completely build the HMS Leopard. Later I build still another frigate much. See times! Capt. K.
  12. Captain K.

    My new ships

    I overhauled the HMS Cannonball again. I adapted the color to the HMS Leopard. Here a picture with both ships. That is the squadron of Capt. K. More Pictures here:Brickshelf Capt. K.
  13. Captain K.

    The Black Anchor - A wonderful harbour MOC

    that looks very good. a little like a pirates village in old Europe. and very beautiful details good I find it.
  14. Captain K.

    My new ships

    Hello Captain green hair had said: <Well, if the cannonball is to be a brig, i would bring down the stern a little. Most brigs had flushed decks, i believe?> Capt. green hair was right, the deck of a brigg is flat. I regarded pictures in the InterNet in addition. I changed the stern of the HMS Cannonball again. What thinks it? Looks nevertheless better, or? Capt. K.
  15. Captain K.

    My new ships

    Hello, the HMS Cannonball is now finished. More Pictures:Brickshelf @ Captain green hair <Well, if the cannonball is to be a brig, i would bring down the stern a little. Most brigs had flushed decks, i believe?> There you are right. It pleases me however like it is. <Yeah, i love his port, and that Leopard is really cool too!> Thank you. Capt. K.
  16. Captain K.

    The Yellow Thief

    Very beautiful ship. It has many beautiful details. I like the stern, that am beautifully converted. Is that Capt. green hair? A mad type is the man. Capt. K.
  17. Captain K.

    Your favorite outpost

    my favorit is 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up. i have vote for it. i like this set. Capt. K.
  18. Captain K.

    Fort Esperance

    very nice Fort!!! a good work. Capt. K.
  19. Captain K.

    Puerto de la Cruz became larger

    Hello, Thanks, for your answers. It makes me happy it you pleases. In the future, "Puerto de la cruz" becomes still larger. A friend builds at a further part for the port. @bonaparte The green doors are exchanged still for brown. @Mr. Tiber The ship is not finished yet. That is the HMS cannonball. But in addition later more. Capt. K.
  20. Captain K.

    Pirates Theme on TSL2007

    Hallo, see this pictures from a pirates theme on the TSL 2007 in Berlin. This is a very nice MOC! Captain K.
  21. Captain K.

    HMS Repulse

    Your ship is great! I love it, very nice. Captain K.
  22. Captain K.

    Pirates Theme on TSL2007

    Hello, more pictures i have found on Mr Tiber. I love this MOC. My favorite is the Rock with the jail. Captain K.
  23. Captain K.

    The Phantom

    Your ship is great!!! I like it. Capt. K.
  24. Captain K.

    Lighthouse from Puerto de la Cruz

    Hello, I have built this lighthouse. The lighthouse is part of my new project. It shall become once a whole port area, by the name" Puerto de La Cruz ". So the lighthouse is the first part of the port. There are more pictures: Brickshelf Captain K.
  25. Captain K.

    Lighthouse from Puerto de la Cruz

    Hello, I am pleased that the lighthouse is so interesting for you. Your answers are very helpful. I plan a jetty and stores in future. I will remove the knight shield. It somehow does not match. @phred I will make a couple of detail pictures of the cannons. Brickshelf when folder is public!