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  1. You are right, but don't worry, the model is not motorized (just for video), so that blue gear is not under load. It works smoothly.
  2. The space let us see how gearbox works and It seems large because of orthogonal angle view, actually the hole is not very big.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm glad to present my first motorcycle MOC - Honda Gold Wing GL1800 (2018). Features: - flat-six engine - 2 speed gear box (I know that Gold Wing has 6 and 7 speed gear box, but the model has not enough space to it) - shaft drive (I used blue 20-tooth gear to make compact mechanism) - realistic Gold Wing's frame and steering - front double wishbone suspension (using one shock) - rear suspension (I put two shocks because it's weight) - folding main and side stands - openable trunk and saddlebags - folding mirrors and passenger floorboards It has 2 options: Tour version (with top trunk) and standart version (only saddlebags) Standart version: Tour version: You can find original constructions of Gold Wing in internet to compare, I tryed to copy details as accurate as possible. I know that rear suspension is not as in the real Gold Wing, but weight of MOC is too high, and it is the simplest construction I could designed. Gold Wing in compare with 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and 42036 Street Motorcycle. Inventory is available at Rebrickable and Instructions at my blog More photos here Best regards, Artemy
  4. Fanylover

    [MOC] Ford GT + Instructions

    Hi everyone! Many people asked me for PF modification, so I did it The modification includes 2 L-motors and 1 Servomotor, 1 AAA Battery Box (or Rechargeable Box) and 1 SBrick. The interior has no changes, only engine assembly was replaced. And HOG steering was deleted. Unfortunately I could not find a way to add LED lights this time. The current bodywork does not allow to place the LED light as in old one Ford GT that was shown in the video. All PF elements and SBrick are placed under hood (see the picture below). IMPORTANT: Everyone who already bought the instructions can check the old link, the existing archive was updated by me, so you can use old link to find new instructions.
  5. Fanylover

    [MOC] Ford GT + Instructions

    I'm happy, thank you! Done
  6. Fanylover

    [MOC] Ford GT + Instructions

    Thank you! It taken about 3-4 months, I did not every day work on it, it could be finished faster. Nice idea! I think it's nessesary to remove blue panels to fit Paul's engine in my Ford. Scale looks similar.
  7. Fanylover

    [MOC] Ford GT + Instructions

    I don't mind, it's ok) Thank you for your opinion, I understand that people like PF models more than manual.... but I think that everyone have unique point of view how motors and other PF units must be placed. In this model there is central assembly (engine with dashboard) that can be easy detached from body and you can add motors as you want. If I have a time, I will share pictures of my PF Ford GT soon.
  8. Hi! One more supercar... Ford GT. Not so many functions, because I paid attention to the exterior and recognizability: - HOG steering with working steering wheel - openable door, hood and trunk - doors with shock absorbers I used latest elbow parts for backside and I think it looks very cool. I glad to see more elbows in 2018 sets. I tryed to copy original Ford GT engine, including frame and other features. There is tiny crankshaft inside of engine that worked by rear wheels. Small trunk as in the real life :D More photos: The first version of this Ford GT was a participant of russian LEGO technic contest "Bodywork 2017" and won first prize. SBrick was a sponsor of that contest, so I won one SBrick for free and I shared a video, that demonstrate SBrick's functions. After motorization I decided to return to manual version, because in RC version were too many wires, and I dont like it. Digital instructions are available at my blog and you can use rebrickable to see parts list. Price: 5 euros for 2 PDF instructions (Red & Black versions together)
  9. Fanylover

    [PORSCHE] Porsche Carrera GT

    Im sorry for delay.... but instructions is finally out. Also I built black Carrera GT with red wheels and seats. More photos and links:
  10. Fanylover

    [PORSCHE] Porsche Carrera GT

    More photos
  11. Fanylover

    [PORSCHE] Porsche Carrera GT

    Thanks you all for feedback! Instruction will be available after contest's end. I dont want share many photos, because some weird units can be modified in final version... After short break I will continue to improve this creation. You are absolutely right
  12. Hello! Im glad to present my new model for LEGO Technic Porsche contest. I hope it will be published soon at rebrick =) Porsche Carrera GT Features: - 1:10 scale - realistic Carrera GT V10 piston engine in mini scale - full independent suspension - rear wheel drive - HOG steering with working steering wheel - openable door, hood and trunk - rising rear spoiler Video below shows some of these functions. I recorded very simple video just for the contest, without any titles and sounds.
  13. I saw that the original white Super Trofeo Stradale has red endings on spoiler
  14. I built White Gallardo And I found a way to use popular AA battery box instead of AAA box.