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    Captain MetalBeard

    When you do get your duel set you may want to check out Hexxriff's screen accurate Metalbeards playlist.. :)
  2. Indeed I can see how those would be the basis of the towers, although they appear more for looking out of on that one or maybe using muskets in. Judging by the cannons shown on the models and plans the towers would be too small for actual cannons.
  3. Just built my Silent Mary... it is gorgeous! I just adore how the hull tapers from midship towards the bow and the stern, and how it has an actual bow castle unlike any of the other lego ships... I feel it's the best 'pirate' ship that Lego has made for display purposes... there are better ones for play purposes :) Although saying that I am still somewhat uncertain about the towers... I still have not found any historical ships that had them.
  4. Just got and build my ship, the thing is gorgeous.. as for the crates, there is actually an axle connector inside them joining a 6 and a 12 axle, pulling it might make the mast a bit less robust.
  5. Eh, in the purest sense these are a durable childrens toy that when disassembled is tossed in a bag, box, or some other container. For the 'rough' life these go through I would assume the that stickers would be the most durable option that is capable of withstanding water and other moisture you might get while cleaning the bricks. I can't imagine people would be too happy if the waterslide or dry rub decal got damaged in that commotion. Overall I prefer printed, but if they have to be user applied, stickers seem the best option for the projected handling and storage of the bricks.
  6. Just a random weird question... has there actually been a ship that we know about in history with the turrets similar to the Silent Mary in the era it depicts? Or is this a fanciful Disney creation?
  7. What is the possibility the shark was pre-production and then cut?
  8. That right there is a thing of beauty... terrible rotten ghostly beauty. Unfortunately the minifigs look out of place on it as it is far less forced perspective then other pirate ships... Maybe it would look good with a bunch of microfigs all over it :)
  9. Devils Advocate: It could be sharks.... or it could be just random color fluctuations in the simulated water between the Mary and the Rowboat. Clear photos will tell the truth.
  10. Judging by the windo... err.. doors, I would expect this as a top deck only with no interior playset. If there is a 'captains cabin' I would be surprised, I guess it depends on how much screen time those hidden areas are going to get.
  11. I am excited to get this. While the rib only hull is a bit sparse it probably mimics the on screen ship better then either of the other two POTC sets and has the best bow superstructure Lego has ever done on a pirate ship in my opinion. The windows for doors sadly shows how undersized the ship is to the lego minifigs unfortunately but gives a much more accurate top deck plan then any previous ship. Did I mention I adore how they did the bow deckhouse....? Only thing that somewhat annoys me is the weird cannon turrets at the 4 corners of the ship, I can't recall seeing another ship with these... but they are accurate to the movie so *shrug*
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    Ahh thanks :)
  13. clm


    So... what is the manufacturer and model of that cabinet? Just curious.
  14. clm

    Help with 90 degree SNOT

    Hmm, if you swapped the headlight bricks for a normal brick and switch the plate that attaches the the headlights to that 2x4 with a tile to take up space, the brick should be securely wedged in there with just the one side and you would get a smooth exterior surface on the pillar. Edit, better yet, if you swapped the 1x2 plate and the 1x2 tile with a 2x3 plate and a 2x2 and 2x1 tile it would completely fill in the area up to the smooth top likely eliminating any movement.
  15. clm

    Help with 90 degree SNOT

    Not sure how strong the connection has to be, but here is a simple way using some modded plates with clips. Would allow the pillars to easily be clipped and unclipped and at least LDD says the tile tops are flush.