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    Ferrari Testarossa RC

    Still better than what I can build !!! But I am very much impressed by such an innovative steering set-up. I'll incorporate the steering straight away in my current WIP :D A noob question, how the hell do you think of such innovative ideas ?
  2. Ashirmittal

    Occupation thread

    I am a mechanical engineering undergraduate in 4th year. I recently got a job in RnD in Maruti Suzuki India Limited, an automobile firm, where i would be in Suspension and Steering Design department most probably
  3. Ashirmittal

    Members on the map

    Kurukshetra, India :)
  4. Ashirmittal

    [HELP] Storage for Technic

    I have a small collection, for which this custom piece,100% free, works wonders All this stacks up in one box for easy transfer
  5. Ashirmittal

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    My stress will be on RC MOC, I have interest in RC cars besides technic building
  6. Ashirmittal

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new technic set and am confused between 9398(4x4 crawler) and 42009( mobile crane 2) The confusion is because I can't decide which would be better option to buy, the price I am getting is almost same. My problem building moc is I have few pf items. And buying individual parts is a costly option because of extremely high shipping charges for importing in India. So I do want pf elements. I have 1 speed ctrl remote, 2 m motors, 1 xl and 2 receivers. I need normal remote and new motors especially servo for steering. Another problem is I have only 1 uv joint and no differentials! I am new in this. Also for reference, only technic pieces I have is from 8109 and 1 or 2 small sets. In 9398, my pf problem is solved but overall I will have few parts. In 42009 I would miss servo and remote but will have a large number of technic parts. So there is my confusion Ashir Indian AFOL