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  1. Sylon

    [MOC] Thunderbolt - GARC Racer

    Thank you both @adventurer1 unfortunately I hadn't a yellow one. But at the end I am happy with the pink one.
  2. Hi ho, i shortly want to present my newest MOC. After Firebird it's my second GARC racer. It is a car styled racer with open-cockpit arrangement (no risk no fun ^^) right side left side back Front Energy-core console cockpit hope you like it.
  3. Sylon

    [MOC] Starfighter/Viper - Syris1

    Thanks to all for praise^^ @lightningtiger you can't have enough weapons beyond the Stars, you never know if maybe meet some blacktron guys
  4. Hu hu, after short introduction, I wanted to present my newest MOC. It's a starfighter, a viper and I am sure it is not the last one. Inspired by T-5 DUOLOS X-Viper by nate_decastro. It was his starfighter version for Starfighter-Telephone-Game. And according to the game, I redesigned it whith some of my ideas. Bigger Pics at Flickr. I hope you like it
  5. Sylon

    Hi I am the new known one

    Thanks for welcoming me and for Feedback to my english. It sounds good to me but I am always not sure if it understandable or correctly .
  6. Hello out there, my name is Thomas, some of you may know me from Flickr or I am active at both for a while, but I never really introduce myself. So I will catch up now. ^^ As said my name is Thomas I live in Germany (near to Berlin, south-east) and I am born in 1983 (30 right now). I played with Lego since I was 7 or 8. I lived in east germany so no chache to get it earlier. My first Lego set was With 17 I sold all my Lego, I needed money to date my later wife. 2012 rongYIREN s Agile Hawk catapults me out of my dark ages. Since that time I bought Lego again (of course I bought 6886-1 again) and I started to build own MOCs and post them at flickr. So far I build Starships and Sky-fi planes. Originally I wanted to limit to a german Forum. But my interests aren't really on focus there. So I decided to join eurobricks. English isn't my mother tongue, school is long away. So I hope I didn't wrote to much trash ... enough so far, see you Thomas