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  1. Set Sprinter

    Creationary -- what is this a picture of?

    Of course it is mail box. In polish "skrzynka pocztowa"
  2. Set Sprinter

    [Review] 4842: Hogwarts Castle IV

    Great set, interesting and hmmm... nice. I want it. Not so good review, there's only photos... But thanks for this!
  3. Set Sprinter

    Review: 10212 Imperial Shuttle

    WHAT????? The designer was from POLAND!! :D Great, giant set, huh. ;] But very expensive...
  4. Set Sprinter

    Build-a-fruit raffle competition

    My entry - mosaic of colorfull apple. Parts used only from 6162 set. I hope that you enjoy it.
  5. Set Sprinter

    REVIEW: 7938 Passenger Train

    Good review, thanks for this! Set is good, much better than stupid RC Trains. PF system isn't ideal too, I prefare old 9V. But in my opinion this passanger train is interesting - I want this .
  6. Set Sprinter

    10214: Tower Bridge

    Amazing! Both new Exclusives are so great... I saw real Tower Bridge in London and I think this set is veeeeeery realistic. Only colours of towers are brigther than in real. Too many great sets, not enough money...
  7. Set Sprinter

    10216 Winter Village Bakery

    Oh, OH! Beautifull, great, extraordinary set! Ideal to Winter Toy Shop. Maybe LEGO want to create Exclusive winter village?
  8. Set Sprinter

    Review: 8214 Lamborghini Polizia

    Good review. This set is interesting, but not ideal. I like more Ferrari than Lamborgini. SF should won next GP!
  9. Set Sprinter

    sports themes

    LEGO Sports was very interesting theme. Maybe AFOLs don't like this series, because there aren't a lot of special parts? I don't know. I have two Football sets. The biggest I have is Championship Challange 3409. Beautifull stadium and great thing to spend free time .
  10. Set Sprinter

    Review: 8403 Family Home

    This year City sets are GREAT! Beautifull house, nice tree... Thanks for very good review.
  11. Red. Of course red, like Ferrari! I hope that new supercar will be realised soon. Eleven years from the last one - too long time...
  12. Set Sprinter

    Set Review: 8259 Mini Bulldozer

    Thanks for good review. I think, that mini Technic sets aren't good - they are to small. TO many instruction booklets . Why TLG don't make only one instruction? Not good...
  13. Set Sprinter

    MOC: television series "House, M.D." scene

    Good vignette ILYA. A lot of details and minifigs are good. I like House M.D.
  14. Set Sprinter

    REVIEW: 3300000-1 The Brick Apple

    Very good review. This "set" was funny . Apple, huh. But I think, that number of this mini set is so strange - too long.
  15. Set Sprinter

    Post LDD Contest Entries here!

    LDD Class Only. Here is my mountains bridge called "White Star Bridge". Contains 1732 parts. It's my first LDD creation who contains more tha 1000 parts . ---> Here is lxf. file <--- EDIT: Sorry for editing post, but my computer was so slow... Counting parts took him 50 minutes .