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  1. Alblego

    SES in the box.

    Whith mechanical propollers
  2. Alblego

    SES in the box.

    Yes that's right but taking the glass away it's not so hard.
  3. Alblego

    SES in the box.

    My lovely SES.
  4. Alblego

    My Pirates collection (and naming ships)

    Great collection, but you have to know that the colors will be destroyed in sunny places.
  5. Alblego

    Early 90s LEGO Pirate Scans

    That's all brothers. They will never come back. Enjoy
  6. Alblego

    Black Seas Barracuda vs Skull's Eye Schooner

    I vote for SES
  7. Alblego

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    8396 Soldier's Arsenal 8397 Pirate Survival 6238 Canon Battle 6224 Armada Sentry 6246 Crocodile Cage 6256 Islander Catamaran 6258 Smugler's Shanty 6259 Broadside's Brig 6262 King Kahuka's Throne 6273 Rock Island Refuge 6276 Eldorado Fortress 6278 Enchanted Island 6285 Black Seas Barracuda 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner
  8. Alblego

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first set was the 6256 Islander Catamaran. I have it in 1995, 15 years ago.
  9. Alblego

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    Hello! When will be the 26 episode? Thnk you