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  1. biobacon

    Some more help :)

    Well, your toy and all but I wouldn't recommend cutting anything.
  2. biobacon

    What I got for Christmas

    Ha Ha Ha
  3. biobacon

    Lego-A Controversial Toy

    Not to get into religion but it was a Christian building before it was a Muslim building, so kinda a bad point I think. Besides as the article states, its pretty much spot on with the prototype. So if its offensive, its George Lucus's fault LOL
  4. biobacon

    I went to the Lego Store for the first time

    A few, Toys R us has almost all of the city sets already.
  5. I was big into lego pre 2007, Now that I have returned it appears to me that they have become more fan friendly then ever before. Alas I too have noticed the lack of discount or clearance items. but Knight is right, that means they are getting it right, and in the long run whats good for Lego is good for us right? Now to go collect that 10x vip bonus they promised me for saying that, LOL. But for real I think things are better.
  6. So last night My kids and I went to the Lego store. First trip there. We picked up a Kings Castle, a cup of pick a brick and a Little Mermaid Duplo set for my 2 year old. I got a free pick a brick box, errr an excuse to go back I say LOL
  7. biobacon

    Modular Fire Station

    if your going to use the fire brigade, I hope you already have it, I paid $205 US for mine 2 weeks ago.
  8. biobacon

    MOC: Ambulance

    I wasn't expecting something so awesome. Good job
  9. Ok so he used mega blocks but my 4 year old son just built 3 towers, a yellow, a blue, and a green tower. First time Ive noticed that hes given any thought to what colors he was using. As Im typing this hes working on an all red one.
  10. biobacon

    Jarlof's shack

    I too dig the roof.
  11. biobacon

    Hello Everyone!

    cool thank you
  12. biobacon

    Lego Shop website down?

    Ive noticed it has been down a couple times in the last two weeks. As am new to it, is this normal? Also any idea of a release date for the Parisian Restaurant for non VIP's ? I heard in January.
  13. 4705 snapes classroom, 4722 HOUSE OF GRYFFINDOR, 4714 GRINGOTTS BANK , because I found them unopened in the closet a few weeks ago when we started playing with lego again. 31012 Creator Family House because I got it two weeks ago 10211 GRAND EMPORIUM and 10218 Pet Shop, because as a kid I didn't have a credit card LOL , an extra Lone Ranger train set, got it 50% off. I also have about 15 other smaller sets including 4 60016's that we got for only $10 at Toys R Us. I also have the Friends Outdoor Bakery but don't tell any of the guys ok LOL
  14. It was supposed to be. My wife got a lone ranger train set, and I got the bank/saloon and stage coach sets. We split it that way because of the trees and another perk that allowed you to buy a large stuffed bear for $5 instead of $20.I was also able to use my sons $3 off Bday coupon an my wife the $5 rewards zone perk. The week before they had the fuel tankers on sale for $10 limit two. We each got 2 because one of the workers found a box for us. Day to day places are high but sales make it worth it. That's actually Colby City Showdown (79109). I was thinking of a stop action youtube movie when I wrote saloon.
  15. Last week they had a pre black Friday sale with a bunch of kits at 50% off. Not much of a line, an if you got more then $20 worth they ave you a free Christmas tree. My wife and I each got trees.