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[LDD MOC] Exo-Hound

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I welcome you all to my second insanely over-greebled mech, this time with a more System based build and a twist!

It's a common problem in high-tech planetary exploration admittedly, and one that I feel has not been addressed adequately. You are usually out on patrol on an alien planet, while all the time your thoughts are with your best friend. But now you needn't worry with the EXO-HOUND, the only Exo-Suit tailored for dog use with it's dog-like design and pet-friendly controls! Now you needn't leave your faithful friend whenever you need to wander foreign star systems, he or she can now come explore with you!


LEGO Mecha/Hardsuit - Exo-Hound by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr

The LDD file for this build can be downloaded using this link. You are welcome to build your own version using this, but beware that some colour-part combos don't exist.

I hope you enjoyed this rather unusual looking hardsuit :grin: Comments are welcome!

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Hilarious! My love for the concept of having an Exo-suit for a dog is surpassed only by this amazing build!

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