Dear all, The instruction for my Jabba's Sail barge is now available. Mathieu completed the instruction yesterday. But it was a tricky one. Especially for the sails. They are custom made (computer design, then print), but they had to be made in 3D. This made things a bit more complex than usual as it required to design a new part. Philo was very helpful to make the part in 3D. Blakbird did a nice job too with the render. And here it is : As you may see, I also added a mini desert skiff. I think it is always fun to have an UCS model, with a mini model next to it. :) The desert skiff can be "opened". In there, there is a tile 1x2 wich enable to recreate the plank (relocate the tile 1x4 and add the tile 1x2). In the end, the model has 1,248 parts, which is pretty reasonnable. Technically speaking it is simple. Thus, I am sure that many of you can custom the model the way they want and modify the interior. :) We charge 10€ for the instruction. But you can give a premium if you want to reward our work. To buy it, you can PM me on Eurobricks/Youtube/FlickR or email me at at anytime. Anio