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Assault Gunship - My first MOC

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Here is my first MOC, realized with LDD.

It's an assault gunship/dropship for special forces, carrying a complement of 5 soldiers (one officer, 4 troopers).

It's armed to the teeth, considering that it's mainly a transport.

I know there's still much to correct and define, and I'm open to suggestions!

(P.S.: the cockpit is open to show the pilot)


Front view


Rear engines can swivel to maneuver


The soldiers inside are so tough they are having a fine time riding to battle


You never know when you'll need missiles, better carry enough


Counting the seconds to the action


Tailgunner is angry


The Lieutenant leading the chalk is not scared


The pilot knows his way around the battle field

Assault Gunship.lxf

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Very nice

Thanks Xcod, though it's still a "0.7" version.

I want to shape it better, some things are a bit "patched up" (though in the end I might decide that, being it a Special Forces vehicle, it's meant to be like this... :tongue: )

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