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After a decade of fighting the Alien invasion, the Galaxy Squad had been eliminated. In the same way the ADU was toppled by the Martians and replaced by GS, now the Brute Force has superseded the brightly coloured yahoo's whose overconfidene in tech inevitably led to their downfall.

Investigations by human controlled Drones brought back news from Termite (the Buggoid home hive world).

Their planet was devoid of nutrients required to feed their elite larvae. The buggoids had come to our Galaxy to provide sustenance for their queens. They were harvesting human DNA to farm our people as cattle.

When the Galaxy Squad had been eradicated they started to take civilians who were much easier targets.

A lone survivor came forward with new tactics and a better plan. Our technology was no match for the buggoid defences. High tech lasers and crafts were dropped. In came Old Skool, more personal hand to hand combat fighting techniques and ion plasma tech drones.

Major Max Solarflare vowed revenge....


"Bug Hunters" deploy in two or three operative teams.


What better way to combat the swarm than with a "Fly Swatter". Heavily armored and with ion plasma powered 360 degree pummels this drone never gets tired of squashing bugs.

Accompanied by crazed veteran Hudson Rocket-Fella. This team has over 50,000 estimated kills at entry points across 3 hive Worlds.

They include the notorious "Price of Existence" mission to Pluto which resulted in its total destruction via unplanned black hole implosion.

Who needs guns when you have a titanium alloy cricket bat and a can do attitude.


The Earth Tech boys thought is would be funny to make the meanest drones resemble bugs.

This hunter is clearly a rookie, the lack of cybernetics mark him out as fresh meat.


Major Max Solarflare with his combat drone Buddy "Machete". Close combat is the only way to penetrate Buggoid shielding technology.

Max and the Machete are more than willing to oblige. Since losing his hand in an encounter with one of the remaining Hive Tyrants, Max has become an expert in Blade melee and fights with the smoothness of a professional.

As with most drones - Machete relies more on enthusiasm and boundless energy rather than technique. Anyone stupid enough to get to close to the drone gets an extra pummelling from his additional tenderisers.

The smaller drones in the Brute Force have the most dangerous jobs as they are the ones called upon to clear hive catacombs. Their larger battle brethren normally engage in entry assaults and exfil missions.


Hive demolition team.

Brachiator - bomb delivery drone.

Ordinance expert "Boom-Boom" Johnson

Slicer - personal defence drone

Hive demo teams are the third wave of the Brute Force ground assault team.

Not picturd but coming soon! Saint and the Sinner!

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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Love the color scheme and detailing on all the drones and mini-figures!

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These mechs are incredible!!! Very neat builds and the figs are awesome looking too. congratulations for this project

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Those are some very interesting building techniques used on the drones and the minifigs are outstanding. Can I ask where you got the helmet that is used on the drone in the last picture and the sa warm piece?

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I dig the use of miner helmets on the second robot, and the x-ray representing its inner-components. The whole line-up defines creativity.

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Very well done. The aesthetics are quite unique, but easily identifiable as your own.

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thank you all for the great feedback!

Fox the daftpunk helmet is from amazing armories a seller on bricklink. the other helmet is available too!

Here is the last in the Series for now! Saint and the Sinner.


Knock Knock!!

The Saint and his handler, Arnie Sinner specialise in Hive entry and ex-fil. These shock troopers punch a hole into the Hive foundations to allow Sweeper teams and then brachiator demolition squads in. They also provide a secure exit point for any surviving assault members.

Arnie Sinner is a reformed criminal with a penchant for violence. The buggoid invasion allowed him a second chance and a permanent spot on what is realistically a suicide team. As a kid Arnie loved to pull the wings off bugs, seems like not much has changed.

The Saint acquired his nick name (and Halo) for heroic rescue actions under fire. Awarded the Iron Bolt on numerous occasions, the Saint has become somewhat of an icon in the ranks of the Brutes.

More drones next week! On a different tack though!

Decal provided by Cooperworks!

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Oh wow. These are amazing! Love the unique use of so many parts. You've really taken the some of the chima pieces to an all new level.

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