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Sketto Gunship

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DB4 “Sketto” Gunship Quadcopter


My motivation behind this thing comes from the many inspiring drawings at the Concept-Ships blog, and the theme itself is an integration of actually three themes: First a foremost the evolution of the Bell H1 Huey, second is Road Warrior and then Star Wars! You may also notice a big influence of other aircraft: Bell 47 Chopper, F9C Sparrowhawk / USS Macon, F-4 Phantom, B-25, 1960’s U.S. Navy paint schemes. Its roll is in Patrol, Defensive, Support, Heavy Lift and Re-Supply. Operations are undertaken in Gas Planet Mining Colonies. No land = no landing gear. Instead it hooks off a large Mother Ship (Airship).

Fun Facts

-107 Brickarms

-1600+ Bricks

-32 Feet of Tubing

-275 DBG Minifig Hands

-Full Cockpit panel decals

-Took 3 months to build.

-“Sketto” A four winged blood sucking Star Wars creature.


Story Line

Like the Bell H-1 Huey, the Sketto was designed as a support aircraft that later was modified into a bad megablocks gunship! However the Sketto as a civilian aircraft and didn’t have the military money to back its transformation into a gunship, instead what happen was a collaboration between the Aeten Mining Colonies and the Lantillies Shipyard. It was however the mining colonies necessity to retrofit there DB4’s into gunships that started it all. That’s where the Road Warrior look comes into play. The Star Wars theme comes in with the look and feel of the Minifigs and the interplanetary mining operation.

The Aeten II Mining Company specializes in many different types of mineral and gas extraction. They’re particular good at extracting the rare HH3 or (Heavy Hydrogen 3). HH3 is found in the lower levels of some gas planets. Very specialize equipment is designed to hover just above these lower gas levels. Here the HH3 is pumped up throw long hoses into storage tanks onboard the large Aeten Tankers. However this isn’t without it challenges do to its value. Local disputes often arise over whom has the rights to these gas planets, as well as the threat of pirates raiding mining colonies for their extracted HH3.

To help combat these threats, the miners came up with a gunship design based off the Lantillies Shipyards DB4 Support Ship. It’s quick, light and maneuverable even in the larger heavier gas planets. Its weapons system is both offensive and defensive capable. Four gun turrets can ward off just about any attack from any direction, while the main cannons can strike a heavy blow to eliminate the threat!

Its main deck normally used for resupply can be retro fitted with seats for 8 Aerial Raiders. Raiders can be deployed via the lower hatch crane, two side doors or vertical grappling hook cannon.











Fuselage length: 10 Bricks

Length: 10 Bricks

Height: 10 Bricks

Weight: Empty 33,226. Gross up to 73,000 pounds

Speed: 225 mph

Ceiling: 45,000ft above 29.9 SBP “Standard Barometric Pressure”

Range: 1,240 nautical miles

Power plant:

4 J59e Turboprop’s - HH3 injection system

2 J59b Turbojet / Turboshaft Hybrid - HH3 injection system - Electromagnetic high capacity

Crew: Six – Pilot, Reo, 4 Turret Gunners and a Mech Droid

Builder: Lantillies Shipyards


4 Turrets - ABY Twin Laser Bo-Cannons

2 - ABY Single Laser Bo-Cannons

4 ABY J7 Heavy Laser Cannon

2 ADC500 500lbs “Blockbuster” (Atmospheric Depth Charges)

28 BR-9X 60lbs “Shrike” Short Range Heat Seeking Missile (4 Pods)

4 BR-56x 150lbs “Rampage” Medium Range Radar guided Missile

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As awesome as this is, it doesn't seem like it belongs in the Star Wars universe. The tech looks all wrong but it's impressive all the same, looks amazing!

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Wow, amazing ship, I especially like the use of Brickarms elements. The tubular design is very interesting, that's a clever idea.

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Great use of tubing, minifig hands, and cloth elements. A very different style and a very beautiful ship as well! :wub:

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I just dropped my jaw a few times, this is amazing! The parts use and the overall design with the flawless custom decorations. One of the best ships I've ever seen built in LEGO.

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I really like the looks of this creation but it reminds me more to the steam punk style than it does to star wars, mostly because of the large rotors, the fuselage and the crew, keep on building :thumbup:

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Thanks so much guys! It does look a bit punky, but I just love the Star Wars theme and seeing how I can fit some of my mocs into the story line!

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It does look defenitely great! it's better as a Sci-fi build then a star wars one I think.

however, I don't really like that you used much non-Lego parts, and cut many tubes and sails.

but the Lego parts you did use are in very good places with nice techniques.

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