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Hello everyone! I don't post a whole lot on Eurobricks, but I made some custom minifigs after seeing Iron Man 3 last weekend that I felt like I should share. It was a great movie with some great characters, so here they are! I don't have a whole lot of flesh parts so I made them with yellow flesh, but I think they still turned out pretty good. I also tried to stat as purist as possible. Anyway, enjoy! :laugh:

Tony Stark


- Tony Stark after he crash lands in a snowy town.

Happy Hogan (1999)


- Happy sports long hair and a goatee at the party in 1999.

Happy Hogan


-Happy's present-day appearance. (This fig could use some work... :sadnew: )



- The science-loving, potato-gun wielding kid that Tony meets in the snowy town.

The Mandarin


- A terrorist who is more than what he appears to be...

Aldrich Killian


- A scientist behind Advanced Idea Mechanics and buyer of the Extremis virus...


...and he also subjects himself to it, enhancing his physical abilities immensely.


- And here are the two minifigs side by side.


- A duel between Stark and Killian.

Eric Savin


- The gum-chewing Extremis soldier who helps steals the Iron Patriot armor.

Maya Hansen


- An long forgotten love interest of Tony's. She's also the inventor of the Extremis virus.

Pepper Potts


- Tony Stark's girlfriend. :rofl:


- Killian offers Stark Industries a place in his company.

An altenative suit concept I came up with:


- Just made this to kind of make the Lego head seem less massive.


Thanks for viewing! :sweet:

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My favorite out of the bunch is Killian! He looks spot on- even better than the official version. The rest are great though! They all seem to be the best possible purist-yellow adaptations for Iron Man 3! :thumbup:

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i love your happy hogan with long hair. The head change for the Mandarin is also on point - the one released by lego has too much hair! Keep up the good work!

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