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This page is the forum index. It contains some of the major topics and useful topics in the forum. It also includes a FAQ. Before posting a question, be sure to take a look there.












If you think something if missing in this index, please contact me or any of the other staff members. Thanks!

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For a list of set reviews, you can take a look at the list below or you can look at Technic theme on Brickset. I've linked all EB Technic reviews, just browse through this page and click on a little EB logo (under the score) to see the reviews. You can also go the reviews tab on a set detail page to see the available EB reviews.


2016 Technic Reviews


16609695918_1bbc561fd2_o.jpg42032: Compact Trackd Loader (review needed)

16611144719_868345abca_o.jpg42037: Formula Off-Roader (review needed)

16771411646_afb0342bf5_o.jpg42039: 24 Hours Race Car by Jim

16771412076_e582c728e6_o.jpg42034: Quad Bike (review needed)

16609910050_e1cb5ac0d4_o.jpg42038: Arctic Truck by Jim

16609910500_038ab626fa_o.jpg42031: Cherry Picker (review needed)

16611145069_5a2e92a36b_o.jpg42033: Record Breaker (review needed)

16174950464_d25de3af29_o.jpg42035: Mining Truck (review needed)

16589982427_131915bb70_o.jpg42036: Street Motorcycle (review needed)

16611144499_6dc2354995_o.jpg42041: Race Truck (review needed)

21058581996_1a3fd73a62_o.jpg42040: Fire Plane (review needed)

21074736512_9547cfcbcf_o.jpg42042: Crawler Crane (review needed)

21074736472_f21dc08644_o.jpg42043: Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 - General Discussion - Review by Jim


14370094080_2843b9aeb1_o.jpg 42020: Twin Rotor Helicopter by Alasdair Ryan

14576867053_a0c598413e_o.jpg 42021: Snowmobile (review needed)

14553378871_117656a780_o.jpg 42022: Hot Rod by yohai71

14576866993_25e86e8e5f_o.jpg 42023: Construction Crew by Jim

14370336777_b771b9aa3e_o.jpg 42024: Container Truck by Jim

14370093880_d661685544_o.jpg 42025: Cargo Plane by Cwetqo

14370172499_3f35ea7784_o.jpg 42026: Black Champion Racer (review needed)

14576866913_8fef710eed_o.jpg 42027: Desert Racer by Freekysch

14553378781_b6ac3332e6_o.jpg 42028: Bulldozer (review needed)

14553378751_6512c0c479_o.jpg 42029: Custom Pick-Up - General Discussion - (review needed)

14370093790_6169769468_o.jpg 42030: Volvo L350F Front Loader - General Discussion - Review by Jim


14576662293_5600ebf9aa_t.jpg 41999: 4x4 Crawler Exclusive by Masked Builder (RA)

14369971018_e142ed9742_o.jpg 42000: Grand Prix Racer by Blackbird, SNIPE

14533484616_b0f5f870d7_o.jpg 42001: Mini Off-Roader by Jim

14369967599_18bd2e01c3_o.jpg 42002: Hovercraft (review needed)

14370133057_97ce972ba8_o.jpg 42004: Mini Backhoe Loader (review needed)

14369889560_e6bfcf8a99_o.jpg 42006: Excavator by Samanen

14369970918_44a1bac024_t.jpg 42005: Monster Truck (review needed)

14576662073_b829746dc7_o.jpg 42007: Moto Cross Bike (review needed)

14369889510_3d13a2ccde_o.jpg 42008: Service Truck (review needed)

14554975144_00f180e5d1_o.jpg 42009: Mobile Crane MK II by Cwetqo

14370132917_3ccc9005fb_o.jpg 42010: Off-road Racer by Splat

14533460756_7f51004991_t.jpg 42011: Race Car by Splat


14370424877_5d87a20132_o.jpg 9390: Mini Tow Truck by fitzi

14576953503_f1d7a9dea9_o.jpg 9391: Tracked Crane by fitzi

14556868685_2f13661069_o.jpg 9392: Quad Bike (review needed)

14370182140_30f8281004_o.jpg 9393: Tractor by Crazydance (RA)

14370260668_26e2137f0e_o.jpg 9394: Jet Plane (review needed)

14370424747_97594efbe9_o.jpg 9395: Pick-Up Tow Truck (review needed)

14370260608_13a3c1d109_o.jpg 9396: Helicopter - General Discussion - Review by freakwave

14556000002_f31a769e3c_o.jpg 9397: Logging Truck by Lost_In_Noise

14370260548_682a322664_o.jpg 9398: 4x4 Crawler - General Discussion - Review by Blakbird, jerryyao


14556940495_489324cdc6_o.jpg 8065: Mini Container Truck by mostlytechnic, Butterman

14553538161_85e6b03f5f_o.jpg 8066: Off-Roader (review needed)

14555337214_87f83feab2_o.jpg 8067: Mini Mobile Crane by mostlytechnic

14556940475_ce85a2c227_o.jpg 8068: Rescue Helicopter (review needed)

14556076182_7fe2528815_o.jpg 8069: Backhoe Loader by M4X1994

14553537991_9dd404b5a9_o.jpg 8070: Super Car by Blakbird, BrickWild

14370334458_92dc512240_o.jpg 8071: Bucket Truck by efferman

14370254750_1c04eb8f09_o.jpg 8081: Extreme Cruser by efferman

14370332599_b3ee0f1467_o.jpg 8109: Flatbed Truck - General Discussion - Review by efferman

14556940245_407bdc4ed5_o.jpg 8110: Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400 by Marin Stipkovic


14578173523_818138d71e_o.jpg 8041: Race Truck (review needed)

14556462404_80d03c6b42_o.jpg 8043: Motorized Excavator by Blakbird

14578173423_092dcc9137_o.jpg 8045: Mini Telehandler (review needed)

14558079175_ac71563514_o.jpg 8046: Helicopter (review needed)

14371473969_2aca7ee0c7_o.jpg 8047: Compact Excavator (review needed)

14578173243_6cf5e410be_o.jpg 8048: Buggy (review needed)

14371642657_6d5008e1a4_o.jpg 8049:Tractor with Log Loader (review needed)

14558078975_e4270a77af_o.jpg 8051: Motorbike by mostlytechnic

14371473799_9aedb0b8ff_o.jpg 8052: Container Truck by fluffybunny, BrickWild

14371642567_229ca77a80_o.jpg 8053: Mobile Crane by BrickWild


14371712528_96c19ab022_o.jpg 8063: Tractor with Trailer by Blakbird

14371660258_3b5fa79edb_o.jpg 8256: Go-Kart by Lost_In_Noise

14371662188_b89cf9c5f3_o.jpg 8258: Crane Truck by starstreak, Blakbird

14556637114_e3a508d7c5_o.jpg 8259: Mini Bulldozer by cagri

14371576120_3af87cfd27_o.jpg 8260: Tractor by Blakbird

14557407722_fc7b94cf83_o.jpg 8261: Rally Truck by Big Supie, Front

14371661958_3107dcdaed_o.jpg 8262: Quad-Bike by Blakbird, starstreak

14371575950_c57a0bba80_o.jpg 8263: Snow Groomer by Blakbird

14371661818_fd10d0e451_o.jpg 8264: Hauler - General Discussion - Review by Blakbird

14558257045_962fde4560_o.jpg 8265: Front Loader - General Discussion - Review by Blakbird


14603489225_306f379cda_o.jpg 8290: Mini Forklift (review needed)

14603489205_3d97f4877d_o.jpg 8291: Dirt Bike by Sinner

14623555163_27a06eabc6_o.jpg 8292: Cherry Picker by Sinner, ZO6

14600227811_e6fd176d4a_o.jpg 8294: Excavator (review needed)

14416913889_d0d6499e76_o.jpg 8295: Telescopic Handler by ZO6

14416913849_8c5522870d_o.jpg 8296: Dune Buggy by Front

14603489015_a87e7c74cb_o.jpg 8297: Off-Roader by chaosof99


14416942028_0eb685358c_t.jpg 8270: Rough Terrain Crane by Sinner

14416941998_d08b4b76ff_o.jpg 8271: Wheel Loader (review needed)

14601562504_84c03fe668_o.jpg 8272: Snowmobile by starstreak

14416900640_a64e9662c0_o.jpg 8273: Off Road Truck by Lasse D, Front

14417136937_b19cd1a6f6_o.jpg 8274: Combine Harvester by dunamis

14416900590_6be3a4e359_o.jpg 8275: Motorized Bulldozer - General Discussion - Review by Ickelpete


14417025449_3140601c30_o.jpg 8281: Mini Tractor by Shine

14416957910_a2c58c49e4_o.jpg 8282: Quad Bike (review needed)

14603006912_776aa07780_o.jpg 8283: Telehandler (review needed)

14603006832_c1a4edc668_o.jpg 8284: Dune Buggy / Tractor by Lost_In_Noise

14417192547_c6b87f9500_o.jpg 8285:Tow Truck by dunamis

14580589446_d6c9df2da1_o.jpg 8287: Motor Box (review needed)

14416957660_9cc9dfafd5_o.jpg 8288: Crawler Crane by Mithrandir

14417192437_509c811ee5_o.jpg 8289: Fire Truck (review needed)


14603655125_08dba399e3_o.jpg 8415: Dump Truck (review needed)

14603655095_0fe1b02fd1_o.jpg 8461: Fork-Lift (review needed)

14601668984_182e5ca7c8_o.jpg 8418: Mini Loader (review needed)

14417245517_1fafd31bd1_o.jpg 8419: Excavator (review needed)

14601668904_90aaf57bd2_o.jpg 8420: Street Bike by starstreak

14603059912_a7e0d839f9_o.jpg 8421: Mobile Crane by Lost_In_Noise


14603232942_261bbf1cac_o.jpg 8433: Cool Movers (review needed)

14580814926_4748d4044c_o.jpg 8434: Aircraft by Lost_In_Noise

14601838644_763ba0fe68_o.jpg 8435: 4WD by LordGalewind

14417221358_0ed1b5ef5e_o.jpg 8436: Truck by Stauder

14417419527_efeceb35fc_o.jpg 8439: Front End Loader (review needed)


14603882915_c34f59ccf2_o.jpg 8438: Pneumatic Crane Truck (review needed)

14580871026_fc017550b8_o.jpg 8441: Frok-Lift Truck by Lost_In_Noies

14417474757_3d50e12098_o.jpg 8451: Dump Truck by Lost_In_Noise

14580870966_2cd138cee1_o.jpg 8453: Front-End Loader by RupeeClock

14603882795_aedcd50d59_o.jpg 8454: Rescue Truck (review needed)

14603882745_9e89ddd7ff_o.jpg 8455: Back-Hoe by Lost_In_Noise


14417503627_43d497c2a1_o.jpg 8429: Helicopter (review needed)

14603317292_ba5fa1115c_o.jpg 8430: Mag Wheel Master (review needed)

14603882915_c34f59ccf2_o.jpg 8431: Pneumatic Crane Truck (review needed)

16177354423_e5a45aa7a7_o.jpg8461: Williams F1 Racer by Freekysch


14600686581_0b2f22b26a_o.jpg 1237: Asimo Robot (review needed)

14600686561_baa19a9b95_o.jpg 5223: Wind-Up Motor (review needed)

14600686501_1c6eac0e33_o.jpg 8240: Slammer Stunt Bike (review needed)

14580937426_d20bd20167_o.jpg 8241: Battle Cars (review needed)

14417344848_a3c11cd6cf_o.jpg 8242: Slammer Turbo (review needed)

14417344818_e9ec62a54e_o.jpg 8463: Forklift (review needed)

14417306780_fb6dff6877_o.jpg 8464: Pneumatic Front-End Loader (review needed)

14417542577_200a8c0bdd_o.jpg 8465: Extreme Off-Roader (review needed)

14603355412_d05ca1c368_o.jpg 8466: 4X4 Off-Roader (review needed)


14602084024_d692151f35_o.jpg5206: Speed Computer (review needed)

14417470748_054c9b8d08_o.jpg 5218: Pneumatic Pack (review needed)

14417470728_10de134645_o.jpg 5219: Silver Wheels Pack (review needed)

14624136403_792cb4c1b0_o.jpg 5220: Vehicle Styling Pack (review needed)

14417668327_123a7a5689_o.jpg 5221: Vehicle Chassis Pack (review needed)

14603481072_d04ba2f8d9_o.jpg 8273: Formula Force (review needed)

14417434230_e046e03361_o.jpg 8238: Dueling Dragsters (review needed)

14603481002_02d07bb66f_o.jpg 8279: 4WD X-Track (review needed)

14600813141_556d189051_o.jpg 8305: Duel Bickes (review needed)

14417667977_76df938842_o.jpg 8300: LEGO Technic Guys (review needed)

14600813101_ceb4a8abdc_o.jpg 8457: Power Puller by mostlytechnic

14417470178_1a7fe01411_o.jpg8458: Silver Champion by ybeline


14481024830_d25022c067_o.jpg 1257: Tricycle (review needed)

14481054679_9c7d1ecd36_o.jpg 1258: Buggy (review needed)

14481024770_c51520cf59_o.jpg 1259: Motorbike (review needed)

14481250407_eb20c4d2a4_o.jpg 1260: Car (review needed)

14481024770_c51520cf59_o.jpg 1268: Bike Blaster (review needed)

14481054569_82174259f3_o.jpg 3000: Trubuggy (review needed)

14665413864_460bf17d94_o.jpg 3001: Propeller Buggy (review needed)

14481024770_c51520cf59_o.jpg 3003: Bike (review needed)

14667361312_e922f2e596_o.jpg 3005: Piston Car (review needed)

14644706446_04c66ca72f_o.jpg 8246: Hydro Racer (review needed)

14644706426_a342df27e0_o.jpg 8247: Road Rebel (review needed)

14667708895_cb89e7a770_o.jpg 8251: Sonic Cycle (review needed)

14481054379_d8d9a25572_o.jpg 8252: Beach Buster (review needed)

14481075548_da1d219f48_o.jpg 8253: Fire Helicopter (review needed)

14667361072_11831b1db8_o.jpg 8255: Rescue Bike (review needed)

14644706316_2f108a3150_o.jpg 8444: Air Enforcer (review needed)

14667708605_3e446d3d33_o.jpg 8445: Indy Storm (review needed)

14667708605_3e446d3d33_o.jpg 8466: Crane Truck by Lost_In_Noise

14481075408_5a4b535f42_o.jpg 8448: Super Street Sensation by starstreak

14644706186_2a00e8a60a_o.jpg 8450: The Mission by LordGalewind, Lost_In_Noise


14644812066_56391ec1aa_o.jpg 8202: Bungee Chopper (review needed)

14667814485_9eec11ae3d_o.jpg 8203: Rover Discovery (review needed)

14644812006_d25ecd07d1_o.jpg 8204: Sky Flyer 1 (review needed)

14644811986_60d1a2e86f_o.jpg 8208: Custom Cruiser by Lost_In_Noise

14481181288_8334d782d9_o.jpg 8209: Future F1 by Lost_In_Noise

14481158419_337a56dbf9_o.jpg 8213: Spy Runner by Lost_In_Noise

14667467322_e8d0489c27_o.jpg 8217: The Wasp by Lost_In_Noise

14481158339_eda876e9d3_o.jpg 8218: Trike Tourer by Lost_In_Noise

14687707073_da295f261f_o.jpg 8219: Racer (review needed)

14667814175_e9afba67d6_o.jpg 8226: Mud Masher (review needed

14687707023_1c6d420707_o.jpg 8248: Forklift (review needed)

14644811636_6c215ea838_o.jpg 8417: Mag Wheel Master (review needed)

14667814065_042cdd844c_o.jpg 8432: Concept Car (review needed)

14667814065_042cdd844c_o.jpg 8462: Tow Truck by Lost_In_Noise


14521121689_b09e81f7d7_t.jpg 2129: Blast-Off Dragster (review needed)

14707778125_a9515e9aca_o.jpg 8205: Bungee Blaster (review needed)

14707778045_f7acb96436_o.jpg 8215: Gyro Copter (review needed)

14707491752_92a821bd8c_o.jpg 8216: Turbo 1 by Lost_In_Noise

14521105370_1f2af48d0c_o.jpg 8222: VTOL (review needed)

14707777935_08acab7810_o.jpg 8229: Tread Trekker (review needed)

14684780346_0d38ff37b8_o.jpg 8232: Chopper Force by Lost_In_Noise

14521121299_e7cf2763b0_o.jpg 8250: Search Sub (review needed)

14707491602_a0c95890ea_o.jpg 8277: Giant Model Set (review needed)

14684780166_a7054f8fca_o.jpg 8414: Mountain Rambler (review needed)

14521105010_5944dd2dcd_o.jpg 8437: Future Car by Lost_In_Noise

14521338147_68f54fdb77_o.jpg 8459: Pneumatic Front-End Loader by Freekysch

14707491272_d0e5ac5cf4_o.jpg 8479: Barcode Multi-Set by Lost_In_Noise

14704607081_e51cb29179_o.jpg 8735: Motor Set, 9 V (review needed)


14521221499_f37699544d_o.jpg 8207: Dune Duster by Lost_In_Noise

14707877205_3e11eb2bc3_o.jpg 8223: Hydrofoil 7 (review needed)

14727742963_96f7a5739b_o.jpg 8230: Coastal Cop Buggy (review needed)

14727742913_8e0f79465b_o.jpg 8244: Convertables (review needed)

14727742843_3fa6b0a710_o.jpg 8286: 3-In-1 Car (review needed)

14705482334_4baa48df4b_o.jpg 8408: Desert Ranger (review needed)

14521221129_ff8a551d5d_o.jpg 8425: Black Hawk (review needed)

14521221059_12ca7ecd42_o.jpg 8443: Pneumatic Log Loader by Lost_In_Noise

14727742673_9d89e1eb7d_o.jpg 8456: Fiber Optic Multi Set (review needed)

14684882216_291deb9ae0_o.jpg 8480: Space Shuttle by Lost_In_Noise


14707960055_a1a2206ced_o.jpg 8210: Nitro GTX bike (review needed)

14727826563_97943b0163_o.jpg 8225: Road Rally V (review needed)

14705566534_0d7214808b_o.jpg 8235: Front End Loader (review needed)

14727826423_9a15ef0914_o.jpg 8280: Fire Engine (review needed)

14521306278_57b0faac3a_o.jpg 8421: Nighthawk (review needed)

14521520967_8fee5b7999_o.jpg 8422: Circuit Shock Racer by Lost_In_Noise

14521306148_4beffbb512_o.jpg 8440: Formula Flash by Lost_In_Noise

14521520847_8ebc5a9005_o.jpg 8460: Pneumatic Crane Truck by BerndDasBrot

14727826123_574bf323c4_o.jpg 8485: Control Centre II by mostlytechnic


14545214228_b0538fbf0f_o.jpg 8032: Multi Functional Starter Set (review needed)

14728678981_21cfa6fda4_o.jpg 8062: Briefcase Set (review needed)

14729491794_f0cb78ef38_o.jpg 8808: F1 Racer (review needed)

14731854635_5626d11065_o.jpg 8812: Helicopter (review needed)

14731854605_4a3847d692_o.jpg 8816: Off-Roader (review needed)

14545185990_e132790ecd_o.jpg 8829: Dune Blaster by BerndDasBrot

14545216969_2356853c37_o.jpg 8858: Rebel Wreacker by BerndDasBrot

14729491594_1c3dd0a04e_o.jpg 8880: Super Car by BerndDasBrot, starstreak, chaosof99


14731616382_4d0ed20612_m.jpg 8022: Multi Model Starter Set (review needed)

14751767103_3c98f0bc86_o.jpg 8042: Multi Model Pneumatic Set by chaosof99

14728729341_8c9f1dea55_o.jpg 8082: Multi Model Control Set (review needed)

14545267529_1f5afc7d24_o.jpg 8818: Dune Buggy (review needed)

14545264688_6c0768741a_o.jpg 8824: Hovercraft (review needed)

14751766923_2fcfbd070c_o.jpg 8857: Street Chopper (review needed)

14708911346_8ff6e66a4b_o.jpg 8872: Forklift Transporter (review needed)


14826455925_82b2978704_o.jpg 8868: Air Tech Claw Rig by Lost_In_Noise

14846294023_cddf0ff569_o.jpg 8828: Front End Loader (review needed)

14823364241_6a5dc3af67_o.jpg 8839: Supply Ship (review needed)

14639821488_9662f7b6a8_o.jpg 8837: Pneumatic Excavator (review needed)

14823364341_7df9116bbd_o.jpg 8836: Sky Ranger (review needed)

14824092364_c7307751d7_o.jpg 8826: ATX Sport Cycle (review needed)


14639890148_0b7ef51577_o.jpg 8815: Speedway Bandit (review needed)

14826158452_2a41895ae6_o.jpg 8838: Shock Cycle by Lost_In_Noise

14639979737_5b75c53c84_o.jpg 8856: Whirlwind Rescue (review needed)

14639819780_526dac1e7e_o.jpg 8810: Cafe Racer (review needed)

14639890278_6d3a16e67b_o.jpg 8074: Universal Set with Flex System (review needed)

14823432941_383f28fcfc_o.jpg 8820: Mountain Rambler (review needed)


15104253695_b3b28d04c8_t.jpg8064: Universal Motor Set (review needed)

15081255596_5bd7ede75b_o.jpg 8094: Control Centre (review needed)

15103893082_594d820786_o.jpg 8720: 9V Motor Set (review needed)

14917571169_c6265fef11_o.jpg 8825: Night Chopper (review needed)

15101247481_5a4e7e01b5_o.jpg 8830: rally-6-Wheeler (review needed)

14917689597_f9529816db_o.jpg 8840: Rally Shock & Roll Racer (review needed)

15101247871_5bbb8a180b_o.jpg 8850: Rally Support Truck (review needed)


15103973682_41b8832afa_t.jpg 8024: Universal Set (review needed)

15104335335_b60cfd2d7b_o.jpg 8034: Universal Set (review needed)

15081334036_6ca71e1cb3_o.jpg 8044: Universal Pneumatic Set (review needed)

14917777698_25d41a52eb_o.jpg 8835: Forklift (review needed)

15104334995_2173e97648_o.jpg 8854: Power Crane review by BerndDasBrot

15103973772_0e8cbd42c3_o.jpg 8862: Backhoe Grader review by BerndDasBrot


15081432756_4c74556993_o.jpg 8721: Technic Figures (review needed)

14917751729_8b9cbfed33_o.jpg 8832: Roadster (review needed)

14917792330_b188f6b909_o.jpg 8853: Excavator (review needed)

15104432775_7799ea4e3d_o.jpg 8855: Prop Plane review by Widdi

14917876238_d7f7f75aa6_o.jpg 8865: Test Car review by Lost_In_Noise


15112810126_a71a3ed020_o.jpg 8852: Robot (review needed)


15135814585_8624e029d1_o.jpg8035: Universal Set (review needed)

14949253017_b26054a15a_o.jpg 8055: Universal Motor Set (review needed)

14949260568_4f43e4f46c_o.jpg 8620: Snow Scooter (review needed)

14949252947_36b7ba404a_o.jpg 8640: Polar Copter (review needed)

15112810456_97328d9e1f_o.jpg 8660: Arctic Rescue Unit (review needed)

14949156540_240171ce10_o.jpg 8680: Arctic Rescue Base (review needed)

15132830091_0c6ddc3b5b_o.jpg 8842: Go-Kart (review needed)

15135429552_8847611ffd_o.jpg 8849: Tractor (review needed)


15263469296_4e2fef416a_o.jpg 1972: Go-Kart wrevie by Lost_In_Noise


15099943187_77c09642a8_o.jpg 8020: Universal Set (review needed)

15283361611_907261ce43_o.jpg 8040: Universal Set (review needed)

15099943117_e9ec8d785e_o.jpg 8843: Fork-Lift Truck (review needed)

15099735529_352bb994e5_o.jpg 8851: Excavator review by MadMax1998


15099825330_b2e494d6d7_o.jpg 1924: Motorcycle (review needed)

15099825270_4dd8b5e2e6_o.jpg 8841: Dune Buggy review by Widdi

15286550425_a41761f598_o.jpg 8847: Dragster (review needed)


15100001998_94ce66d786_o.jpg 8030: Universal Set (review needed)

15286574655_2c77e5f37f_o.jpg 8050: Universal Motor Set (review needed)

15286574585_364137130e_o.jpg 8090: Universal Set (review needed)

15099800709_e0f95cd509_o.jpg 8700: Power Pack (review needed)

15099800659_e0a366e080_o.jpg 8846: Tow Truck (review needed)

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[TSATS]/[TSTTS] To Sail the Technic Sea

[TRIPLE] Technic Triple-Model Contest

[MINI] Technic Mini-Model Contest

[MT] Technic Model Team Contest

[TC5] Technic C-Model Contest

[TC6] Technic SBrick Contest

[TC7] Technic Bandits vs Enforcers Contest

[TC8] Technic Crane Contest

[TC9] A Plus B-Model Contest

[TC10] Pneumatic Contest

[TC11] Battle Bots Contest

[TC12] Wacky Wheels Contest

[TC13] Pullback Contest

[TC14] Theme Park Contest

[TC15] Aircraft Contest

[TC16] Mission to Mars Contest


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Which set should I buy?

These questions belong in this topic: Technic which set should I buy?. Please do not make a new topic for these kind of questions! Thanks!

Where can I get information about Technic sets?

For the general information (year of release, part count, price etc.) you can just use For a more in depth look at the Technic sets, is a great place to take a look (although it isn't complete yet).

Is my 8043 Motorized Excavator the new or the old version?

The best way to check this, is to look at the code that's written on the linear actuator. You can read more about this here, here and here.

I'm stuck while building my Technic MOC. Where can I get help?

You can ask for help in this topic.

What is GBC?

GBC stands for Great Ball Contraption. It is a machine that can transport balls in any way possible. Often, multiple of these machines are put together to form a large contraption.

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