Category 7A Entries - CMFs Series 7 to 9 Building Contest

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Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 7 to 9 Building Contest

[CATEGORY 7A Entries]


*Special thanks to Eurobricks Bionicle Moderator, Brickthing for the design of the promotional poster*

Category 7A - Build an 8x8 Vignette

Build an 8x8 vignette from any theme where you could display any of the 16 Collectable Minifigures from Series 7. It can be Town, Medieval, Wild West, Fantasy or even Space. As long you are able to relate the chosen theme and selected minifigure to your audience, then you are on the right track.

Where would you display one of these in Category 7A?


Aztec Warrior ~ Evil Knight ~ Valkyrie ~ Bride ~ Bunny Suit Guy ~ Daredevil ~ Swimming Champion ~ Hippie

Rocker Girl ~ Tennis Ace ~ Computer Programmer ~ Ocean King ~ Galaxy Space Patrol ~ Bagpiper ~ Jungle Boy ~ Grandma's Visitor



Category 7A - The Rules

  1. Build a vignette that measures 8 studs by 8 studs. (No height limit.).
  2. A reasonable overhang is allowed to accommodate tree limbs or minifigures accessories, but may not exceed more than 2 studs outside the base.
  3. You may use the same type of minifigure in both categories.
  4. This is a building contest. Be creative. Any themes are allowed as long you are able to relate the vignette for the minifigure which you are building for.
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CATEGORY 7A - No Series 7 minifigures are required for Category 7A. You don't need to own the figure to create a home for it, and it will not improve your chances if you do. You may not include the official minifigure or it's new accessories/parts from Series 7 in your official entry pictures. You may use older accessories, but not new ones from Series 7 like the Grandma's Visitor's pinic basket, Evil Knight's shield, Tennis Ace's racket, Bagpiper's bagpipe, etc, for example. Please note Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 minifigures and parts are allow in this category. Please note that this rule also applies no usage of any parts and minifigures from Series 8 and 9.
  6. No clone brands or custom parts including decals, stickers, cut outs unless it's official TLG stickers.
  7. Custom parts includes BricksArms, BrickForge, etc.
  8. No placeholder minifigure (Series 7, 8 OR 9) can be used to reflect the actual positioning in the entry for the respective eligible building category.
  9. There is no parts limit as long as it all fits within the vignette.
  10. Category 7A Entries are to be posted in this topic.
  11. One entry per person. An entry must include a picture (no larger than 800x600) showing the vignette without the minifigure you built it for. Include the name (type) of that minifigure and the theme that you have done. Other minifigures may appear in the pictures. You may include up to 3 more images following the same rules. If you choose to take additional pictures, you may link to an outside gallery.
  12. Digital backgrounds are allowed.
  13. No LDD entries.
  14. Upload your images onto those dedicated image hosting websites such as Brickshelf, Flickr, etc. Do not use Eurobricks attachment to upload your images.
  15. No webcam or cellphone camera images can be used for the submitted entry. It must be taken in a clean and decent background with enough brightness to show the beauty of your entry.
  16. The contest begins now and will end on the 13th of May, 2013 at 1200hrs (GMT+8). Voting will begin immediately after that and will last eight days.
  17. In the event of a tie, the Staff will vote to decide the winner(s) and all Staff decisions are final.
  18. Any violation of the rules will be subject to disqualification.

The Voting!

At the end of the entry period, a posting topic will appear listing the eligible entries for the above categories. Members who joined prior to the start of the contest will then be able to post how they wish to use their 3 points to vote for the entries they like best. A single entry may receive all 3 points, or the points may be divided between 2 or 3 entries, however the voter wishes. Detailed voting rules will be announced at the start of the voting. Members who join after the start of the competition may choose to enter but may not vote. This is to stop vote rigging.

It's just that simple!

Please use this thread for any further discussions or questions pertaining to this contest and most of all ...

Have fun!

Eurobricks Special LEGO Themes Administration Team

WhiteFang and Rufus

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Hi everyone, This sounds like a great contest! Thanks to the kind admins hosting this and of course Lego for the creation of Lego :D

My entry has a little story so enjoy. :classic:

The year is 4044, The srixoians (A collaborated group of independent planets) have taken supreme control of the galaxy, under rule of grand master Jar-Jar and vice chancellor E.T the galaxy is for the first time in 1000 years at peace. Unfortunately a stubborn planet commonly known as earth will not sign the intergalactic agreement to become part of the collaboration A team of resistance humans have formed a team known as the galaxy squad. Lead by corporal jarpuncher the squad have been fighting for earths independence.

Unfortunately the corpral has been captures by a specialist spy drone built by the srixonians, He is being held in a high tech lazer prison in the centre of the srixonian motherstation-


001 by Joker 789, on Flickr

He will remain in prison until he is deemed fit for trial by prime squadmaster zalux. If he is deemed unworthy to be released the will be sent to doctor lazno for experimentation, Where he hopes his fate will be better than his predocessor...


002 by Joker 789, on Flickr

Whole MOC-


003 by Joker 789, on Flickr

I hope you enjoy it :classic:

Edited by WhiteFang
Amendments is required

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Right then, my entry is for the computer programmer/nerd (I always call him the nerd, I don't know why), and I've created his dream room, which features every nerds favorite game, Minecraft.


The room also has a replica Mario hat (probably from Forbidden Planet), a minecraft-themed table made of dirt blocks, and one of his many medals from winning gaming contests.

Here's a closer look at the desk:


I hope you like it! :laugh:

Edited by WhiteFang
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Minifig: Grandma's visitor

Theme: Monster Fighers (or if that's too specific, then Fantasy)

Caption: Oh my, should've looked at the Best Before date.

Or: Can anybody get me that Pepto-Bismol?


Edited by sgeureka

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My entry is going to be the Daredevil, from the Racers theme.

He seriously misjudged his abilities, and came up a bit short on the jump.




Its a very delicate MOC, since the ramp isn't really connected to anything. It takes a minute or two to position the bike on it, since its not connected to anything either.

Here's a link to more pics.

Edited by weltall1028

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My entry is a path through woods, where there's almost no sun coming through the bushy tree branches. Vignette is heavily inspired by the fairytale The Little Red Riding Hood, and as such I'd classify it as Fantasy. Grandma visitor (CMF series 7) typically takes the short cut through the woods on her way to grandma's.


Perspective from the top shows the bushy branches.


Additional photos (including with Grandma's visitor) can be seen on my Flickr account.

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My entry is for the Ocean King. From the SpongeBob Movie my kids made me watch a hundred times.

I'm a Goofy Goober, I WANT TO ROCK!!




Edited by FrictionPin

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Here is my entry for the contest.

Minifig: Computer Programmer

Theme: City

This is one of hundreds of cubicals. I am sure many of us spend more time in one of these then with our own families.

If TLG was to release this MOC as a set, AFOLs and TFOLs could customize the name on the side of the pod. Mike is for Michael Bolton in Office Space. The back and one side also have points where additional office cubes can be attached.




I really enjoyed making my MOC. The contest constraints were ideal to unleashing creativity. Without them, I would also want to build larger and never actually start building.

Edited by Blakstone

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Theme: City

Minifigure: Bride

A marrige on a beautiful island with mountains in the background and a sun and clounds in the horizon.


Edited by mlucia09

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Here is my ULTRA awesome Lego rockband. It is made for the Lego rocker girl so that's why the band is missing the guitarist. Also another note sorry about the horrible images. I did them in a hurry. Also thanks to TLG and everyone else that made this awesome contest possible.

The Overall Building


The Band!



The Ticket Area


The last image is of the parking garage and i can't post it due to the rule of three max. images :angry: . Here's the linkhttp://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream

If you find the images too small here's a link to my photostream http://www.flickr.co...s/94030666@N07/

Edited by lkjhfsa

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The Costume Shop.

As it always seems to be during this time of year, the Easter Bunny costume is always on back order.




Images that include the sold out costume as well as larger versions of these images can be found on flickr

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Title: Day at the Lake

Minifigure: Hippy

Theme: Micro Town

These two decided to take a day away from their day jobs; they drove their bright red VW camper van (used with permission from flickr user Ochre Jelly) to a peaceful lake. The huge sun beats down on them as they hope for the fluffy clouds to move in the way to create some shade.




Thanks for looking! You can view more of my entries here: flickr

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Entry: "Free Comic Book Day"

Minifigure: Computer Programmer

Theme: City (with a hint of Super Heroes and Star Wars)

On May 4, 2013, the Computer Programmer rushes down to his local comic shop for free comic book day! Comic writer Cullen Bunn is autographing a stack of books, and members of the local 501st Legion are out for photos. Too bad the programmer converted his comic collection to digital files--but he's hoping he can get his laptop autographed anyway!

For those of you outside countries that do it, "Free Comic Book Day" is a real event that's held every year at comic shops, and it really will be on May 4 this year. The scene below is modeled on the shop I frequent, Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland. They really are having Cullen Bunn and the 501st Legion in the store that day, so I had to throw them in! The Computer Programmer will go on the two studs next to the Stormtrooper.


Click here to see the Computer Programmer waiting in the shop!

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this is my MOC, inspired to Jungle Boy minifig :)

This theme is "modular", so as showed in picture, can be divided into two modules: top (the cavern house), and bottom (the underground river)

Also the top of this MOC can be opened to reveal the lair of the snake.

For a complete gallery (the left side is different from the right) and some internal details, please see my flickr account.

Front view


Right view



I hope You like it!

Alessandro "FunkyGallo" Montoli

Edited by funkygallo

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At first glance you'd think my entry was for the diver, but it's not, it's for the Daredevil. I'm calling him Randy. I don't know why. He's diving into a bucket of water and we've got a doctor standing by in case... well... you know. You can find more pictures which include Randy himself here. I'd say this a City theme.




Edited by DrLegostar

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Minifig: Bunny suit guy

Theme: Space

On planet Rabbit today is a great day for Bunnyland corp. They are going to show the world their latest creations for carrot cultivation: the Carrot Harvester 9000.

Of course, Mr. Bunny suit guy is the main testimonial.




here's the pic with minifigure: flickr

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Staff entry, not eligible for votes, but totally eligible for fun!

Figure: Bride

Theme: Town (country?)

It's a Shotgun Wedding! Ameribricks style!


Just for kicks, here's a photo without any figs.


For even more fun, there's also a photo with the bride in it.

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Minifig: Bagpiper

Theme: City

It seems the bird doesn't like this sort of music! ;-)


Find the picture with the minifig here.

Thx again to EB and good luck to all participants!

So long,


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Identity Theft

Minifig: Computer Programmer

Theme: Town

ShadowForge87 (or Dave to his friends and family) walked into the Internet Cafe and looked around. His laptop had run out of power and he'd forgotten to bring his power cable, so this place was his only choice if he wanted to get online.

Sitting down at the nearest desk, he entered the login details he'd been given by the pale looking assistent and waited. This could take a while, he thought, considering the computer looked like something out of the 90s, but within a few seconds he was logged in.

Before he began visiting his usual sites, like BrickLink and Eurobricks, he'd better check to make sure there was nothing running that would track his actions. He was all too aware of the dangers of identity theft and you couldn't be too careful in a place like this.

In the basement of the Internet Cafe, another computer screen flared into life:

... Terminal 2 Activated ...

... Cloning Facility Online ...

... Cloning Process Initiated ...


The Computer Programmer minifig sits in the chair, whilst his cup stands on the single stud on the desk and the laptop is placed between the cup and the divider.


To be clear, the minifig in the basement is not a placeholder for the Computer Programmer minifig, but an 'in progress' clone being created from the Computer Programmer sat in the Internet Cafe above. Also, all of the parts used to create the clone are parts which are available from other minifigs / sets, even the 'Bright Light Blue' arm (Series 4 Ice Skater or NRG Zane).


Check out the full set on Flickr for alternate angles and photos of the vignette with the Computer Programmer minifig and accessories included.

Edited by Darkblane

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Minifig: Computer Programmer

Theme: Town

Since he'd found Mr Gold, the programmer was sure of victory in the Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 10 Building Contest! All that remained was to take the photos against a nice white background and upload them.


You can see the programmer and mug included here.

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