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To avoid the STAMP on the vertical fin, you could incorporate a pair of these:


And use a 2x4 tile to mount the sticker on.


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Hi there

I just wanted to say that despite having been a Lego obsessed child and building a lot of my own 'star wars' models before Lego launched the official licensed sets, I'm new to the whole world of MOCs, LDDs and Brick-Link.

Having rediscovered the Lego magic very recently, and seeing what is possible with new technology, I started reminiscing and though it would be great to see if someone had come up with plans for the  assault gunboat which was a favourite of mine when playing Tie Fighter back in the day.

The MOC you've produced looks amazing and I can't wait to have a go at the build!

All this to say a very big thank you for uploading this.



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I hate to bump an old topic, but I have worked with @krispy to make some instructions available that aren't from LDD. I updated a few small parts of the build to use more modern SNOT bricks so that the build is sturdier for the side pods. 

I have uploaded the MOC to my ReBrickable page. It is quite the fun build. I have it in the brick and it is quite impressive and very swooshable.

Happy building!


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