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Hi everyone, I am new to this place and great to meet all of you. I am showing this latest creation of mine here, the Bat.

Many fans already did their Lego version of the Bat, but I still think it is best to follow what the movie has made. So I bought the book and started to understand what the Bat is really about.


It was indeed a very great book! Inside, I got the blueprint of the wonderfully designed plane!


It took me nearly two months to start building the form and the put the pieces I wanted onto the structure. This is the first draft I made, though it didn't look too good to me.

The right is of course the Tumbler.


But I was happy to see the back design, which followed nearly all the parts from the blueprint. It did look like the real thing.


Another overview...


But I was not happy about it, and it took me another month to modify it. I actually dismantled the whole thing and rebuilt the structure, which I strived hard to follow the curve of the real plane in the movie.

Here is the final version, and the side elevation to see the curve body (like a lobster!)


It was a little bigger than the previous version, but I think it is still acceptable. The "hands" are also the difficult part, not to say two support rod things behind it which attach to the head of the plane.


I keep most of the original design for the back, but add some details. Each part can be slightly adjusted to suit the flying mode. The topmost parts can be dropped and lay flat in the "parking mode".


The rear flaps are not too real enough compared to the movie, but since they are used for landing, they have to be rigid. So I decide to use the one piece brick for it, the top fin brick.

This another elevation allows you to see the bottom side, which has a series of blades and a pair of propellers (or should I called choppers?)


The two windows can be opened, with top one upwards and the front one pulling outwards to the front. (just like in the movie) Two people can be seated inside too.


One set complete! Ready to go to fight crime!


Done! Thanks for reading! :D I hope you enjoy this!

*** Edited on 2012-12-22 some more photos, which show the size of the plane compared to the tumbler in a better angle... ***






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Changed pics to links. Please resize pictures.

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Welcome to EB and thank you for sharing your MOC. It's cool to read the detailed history of the build. The only thing is the pictures are oversized for EB. Maximum size allowed is 800x600. So, if you could resize them to follow that guideline, I'd be grateful.

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Thanks! I have edited the images and the post, and added the window-opening shot :) Glad that you guys like it!

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Really great MOC. Well presented post as well - love the background on how y built it and how you improved on it.

Forgive my lack of knowledge - but is the Tumbler a kit or a MOC as well?

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks MicroM, and the fine-tuning is still going on! XD

The tumbler is also my MOC. I have seen many versions but I wanted to build one that fits into my city (the minifigure scale and modular-building scale, you know what I mean). I so made this, and you can find some details here. There are some details different from what you saw from above, since I had modified some parts and made it more "black" (change the remaining non-black bricks), but the overall should be the same.

:) Thanks again :D

I keep most of the original design for the backa128.jpg

Can't seem to see your image! :)

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Fantastic BAT. Your BAT is the best one if've seen. :wub: My Bat is a bit too big. Could you upload a instruction or a LDD model of it, please? :classic:

A happy new year and Well done.

See you later the Lego Freak

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Fantastic! Bruce would love it if he saw this! Haha in fact he and I are creating a flickr account, I make mocs of his items and Vic versa haha!

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