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Not sure if this is the right forum, but because my last LDD ship topic was moved from Town to here, I guess this is the right one. Anyway, the HMS Executor was built from 1936 - 1940 for the LEGO Imperial Navy. She was built with 24 boilers and 3 steam turbines to a max speed of 27 Knots. With a maximum crew of 2,800, and 4 turrets with two guns each, this ship was able to help end World War 2. Surviving the war, the Executor was used in several smaller confrontations, until being sold of in 1999 to the city of Ironwood with the condtion Executor be always ready for active service in case of war. She remains ready to this day, moored in the Ironwood harbor.

Okay, onto the pictures!


front view


side view


rear view


FIRE! :grin:


and the HMS Executor next to the RMS Hogsmeade.

The Executor is buyable, but, alas, not LDD file is avalible... sorry. :cry_sad:

Comments, Questions, & Critics are Welcome!

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Hi there

If your last MOC was moved here it was probably a mistake, because MOCs should be posted in their respective theme-forum here at EB. So I'm moving it to Special Lego Themes.

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That are great looking ships. :thumbup:

Will there be a Titanic and an iceberg in the future?

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