Hello, this is only my second post on eurobricks, but I'm reading this forum from some month. I'm afraid, my english isn't so good and this is a block for me. I hope that you can understand me! I'm an italian Afol and I go on my lug's event, in the last september I weènt to Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek (with a medieval layout). I began to build mocs at the beginning of 2008, and my first idea was to build a very big Hogwarts Castle, including interior decoration and every rooms of the castle. I did some search on web, there are really a lot of Harry Potter's fans! I found a lot of pictures and information about plan and where was rooms. Unfortunately a lot of things changed between films and books, so there was impossible to have a good vision... I look at a lot of mocs and finally I decided to begin and do something like this: I began from great hall. It was a very interesting place and it was "easy", but at that time I hadn't much parts, and I had always to wait for new parcels. On set 4709 there was this place, so I did it bigger: Under I placed the kitchens. You can find this room only in the books, in the 4th or 5th book there is a party there with the ghosts! This room took me only 2 days of work, it was really simple! In september I did the building that was in front of the great hall. In some film this is a courtyard. I'm very happy of this part of my castle, the stair really satisfy me! It was difficult, I prefer two plates than a brick for each step and I hadn't a lot of stud to build. Every plates on height was a conquest! Finally, i had a look of the first part of my castle. After this I had a problem, the big tower. Build something round isn't so easy using lego, but i found something that was really that I need on flickr.com and I have to say "thank you" to lego-tohst for this: The round tower of Lego-Tohst on Flickr.com I hope that he writes on eurobricks! I begin to buy a lot of bricks to build tower and the square building near it, that has a lot of rooms. Unfortunately I had just some month, because I want to take my castle in my lug's event in Ballabio 2009, it was my first event. I did an error, but it wasn't an error for me: I choose to build better the interior decoration, but no one can view it, just some other Afol! The "big square building" was all full of minifigs, rooms, courtyard, but after a lot of time I haven't any pics yet. The tower was really big, with a spiral stairs... look at the windows that follow the stairs. I decided to build two floor to connect stairs at the other buildings, so the tower is not regular, but looks like round. Unfortunately flows down coming back home... The tower's roof is big but has under too plates to build a room under it, Dubledore will be stay is some other place... You can view all in this picture: I have not a real lego-room in my city's home (I live in the city center of Rome, and it's difficult to have a lot of space). Now I have my Hogwarts in my holidays house, where I stay just 20 days in a year. My plan is still, but often I think to complete it better, and do some changes to something that doesn't looks good, adding all baseplates (baseplates, bricks and plates as base, other Hogwarts' building, lake with trans-blue tile, quidditch field, Hogsmeade, ballast on rails... For now they are only dreams! The last year I built a medieval city, and now I'm triyng to build something for our itlug city layout. Here i have all my galleries: My gallery on brickshelf I'm very happy for Winter Break contest, I'll not build anything for it because I have a file already full of ideas to build for events... but I'm really happy to see a lot of very nice mocs on my favourite theme!