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  1. Hello, I'd like to have some informations (also if I'm Italian!), I'll write you a message.
  2. Marco Cancellieri

    WIP - LotR Helm´s Deep (minifig scale)

    I hope to see Lego Fan-Welt an year... maybe 2014 will be a good choice!
  3. Marco Cancellieri

    WIP - LotR Helm´s Deep (minifig scale)

    Really an excellent work, Altezza! I'm impressed because you said this is your first moc post dark-age. There are a lot of interesting techniques in this moc, the solutions used to build these round forms are absolutely fantastic! I already seen something similar in other mocs but never in a model large as the yours... now I have to try how works with my parts! ;-) I'm sure you saw a lot of mocs before begin this one! Ps Maybe are you italian?
  4. Marco Cancellieri

    A Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire huge diorama

    I did a fast count and they should be over 30.000 parts. Castle Black is around 10000-12000 parts, the most are plates 1x2 black or gray. We hope to show this diorama in Legofan Weekend 2013, but we need a van!
  5. Marco Cancellieri


    Excellent job my friend!!!
  6. Marco Cancellieri

    MOC: LEGO Colosseum

    Hi reload, I'm sorry that you have read this criticism (that I also did on romabrick's and on itlug's forums) without know why some things was told, and I hope that my poor english will explain it. It's a year that the most of italian active Afols knows that in Rome there are some people that are trying to build a Lego-Colosseum without send pics to other afols ( ), and in Italy there is a playful rivalry from roman afols and northern afols, so we were hoping to surprise our friends. So some replies was for them, to explain some differences with the real Colosseum to other italian afols that comes from far places and to creating more suspense about our work, not really to say bad things about your moc! Probably your italian contact hasn't understand why we wrote some note about it. In the last weekend I was in the Italian meeting of Ballabio and I say to all my friend that the yours was a very nice moc, we don't discuss about it or about your skills as builder that we appreciate a lot! We have a little forum that we mainly use to organize our afols' nights, we didn't expect that we did so many "noise" and arrive to your hears, and paradoxically this is a success for us, so thanks to your friend... We need a lot of time before complete our playful quest, but this isn't a problem, we have a lot of fun every week with our evenings and for us build the Colosseum is a dream, because is the most famous symbol of our city. Because this 3d version is a life's work that surely we don't finish in just a year, we did as replacement a mosaic to present in the last "Itlug Latina 2012" (29th April - 1st May 2012) that is also on flickr: I'm one of organizer of "Itlug Latina 2013" (25th - 28th April 2013), so if you'll like to come in this "dangerous" city of Rome and be our guest few nights in the near Latina we'll come to airport to take you (we hope with a little moc of yours ) to our show. In private, we can also show you our works, but we don't need to share it with other people now, I'm sure you can understand that we are only jealous of our ideas (as the Corinthian capital). If someone wants some clarification can add me and ask using facebook, this is my real name (my nickname is er_khanc on itlug, romabrick and bricklink and erkhanc on brickshelf).
  7. Marco Cancellieri

    [MOC] Defence against the Dark Arts

    Very, very interesting! A lot of good ideas to build details and the round tower with the room inside is really nice. I'll add some pics in a folder on my pc!
  8. Marco Cancellieri

    MOC: HP - Horcrux cave

    I think that this is really a great moc. This scene full of movement is very difficoult to be built, and you did it with a large attention to details. Will be ver difficoult for someoone do something better than this!
  9. Marco Cancellieri

    Are you a Harry Potter LEGO expert?

    Hi Huw, a big project on Harry Potter will be very interesting but how you are thinking to do with it? Maybe you'll like to see all the mocs in one big exhibition in Europe? Or you prefer to build a virtual, large, moc using just pictures?
  10. Marco Cancellieri

    UCS Sandcrawler MOC

    Really fantastic, as seen in the films!!!! Maybe you are thinking to sell instructions for it? I'm sure that you'll find a good number of people interested about it!
  11. Marco Cancellieri

    Hogwarts Castle

    I'm very interested about this discussion because I built too my own Hogwarts and I did a presentation in this forum some month ago. There are some problem that you have to considerate before begin to build a big project: 1) Space, it never seems to much building large Mocs 2) Choose an Hogwarts map, because in every films and book Hogwarts isn't the same. Some rooms and places moves in different parts of the castle. 3) Choose if use sets or build more mocs. When I begin my moc, I see that I just some parts or some ideas were good for my Hogwarts. You can use 4757 for the back and it is perfect, but from the other castles you can use just some rooms like Great Hall (you have to rebuild the most!) 4) You cannot build like it is in the book because you cannot build seven floor and dungeons under them because then the building will be really too big and high! At the third floor you'll have already a big building that has a good weight and the other parts have to be in the same scale! 5) You have to buy thounsands of parts, the most bricks, because in the sets you don't find to much of them... but You'll have really a big number of arch! 6) It has to be modular to see the interior 7) Finally, I choose to buy many sets at least 2-3 times, so I keep the collection of HP sets plus my Hogwarts.
  12. Marco Cancellieri

    'Return Of The Ancients' By Thoy Bradley

    Really an excellent work! My forestmans really need a tree like this, another good idea for the next moc!
  13. Marco Cancellieri

    Looking for a specific Roman MOC

    Hi, maybe you can look for same rebuilding of ancient Rome not in lego to find something for your moc. Watching on google you can find a lot of pics like this: Or maybe you can search on google earth: google earth Ps: I'm roman!
  14. Marco Cancellieri

    Chamber of secrets MOC ideas?

    Hi, maybe you can find useful this based on set 4730: My link It was my first Moc and it isn't built very well... but maybe the idea can be interesting Good work, please give us a link to see your mocs!
  15. Marco Cancellieri

    [Moc] Hogwarts Castle

    Thank you! I had some slope 33° in sand green parting out many HP sets, but I also bought other 500 Sand Green Slope 33° 3 x 1 on bricklink, there was a shop in Europe where I found them and they was very cheap (5 cent Each). Normally I look for parts in European Union, parcels arrives faster and there aren't fees to pay at the customs office.