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LEGO Universe Rocket and Astronaut

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I redid this rocket from a picture on Brickset. No instructions were used, just me guessing at which piece went where. Bricklink was a huge help: without the piece list I would torn my hair out trying to get this to near perfection. Now, you may notice the Astronaut is not orderable, and that some pices are not in correct places or don't come in that set at all. Think of them as improvments. Usually they were done to keep the orange / white colors in order. I don't know how to get the file to attach, so i'm gonna just paste pictures. Sorry, but mabye someone better than me can re-construct it and post the file here. Thank you, and here are the pictures:


The Astronaut prepares for liftoff.


Here we see the side just before the Astronaut begins the countdown.


Countdown start: 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1...


And liftoff! The ship is now blasting towards places unknown...

I hope you enjoyed my rocket. Thanks for reading!

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Sorry. I did not put it their in the first place for these reasons: no LDD File, and not exactley official. (I did a bit of tweaking since I don't have the instructions.) The reason I tweaked it was so it could be orderable, but the new problem is: I can't upload it to here! Sorry once again for any problems I caused, but that's my reasoning. If anyone from the LDD place would let me post this anyway, that would be great. Thanks!

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LEGO just realesed Instructions for the Nimbus Rocket! This means I'm going to continue building Design by Me Rockets! Here is the link if you want to buld one for yourself: It includes instructions! Here is the link: Nimbus Rocket Link This time I'm gonna include the LXF files for both the Orange / white model and this one... at least I'll try to. I personally am excited by this: LEGO said they will be relasing more rocket blueprints! Now, enough of this talk, on to the pictures!


Notice I have included myself in the model, I couldn't design a Black Astronaut and make it orderable, so Im here instead.


Doesn't this rocket look awesome?


Prepare for liftoff!


And here we see me!


Both the rockets takeing off at once!

EDIT: The model file uploader says I'm not allowed to upload this type of file. (That file was a LXF)

Can someone please change the title from "LEGO Universe Rocket and Astronaut" to "LEGO Universe Rockets". It wanted it changed because there is more than one rocket. Thanks!

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