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MOC/MOD: DB Class 111

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Lego locomotive designs by James Mathis actually got me back to this hobby again after my dark ages.....

I made this DB class 111 a few years ago, and the last days I changed the colour scheme

to be near those in James original design.

As a small tribute to a great lego train designer.

(I only wish Lego could release new sets similar to the Santa Fé series locomotive and wagons.)


Above, my modest attempt.


Above original design by James Mathis, from his Brickshelf library.


And last a shot of the locomotive IRL.

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Great work, Selander! It's always a pleasure to see Mathis' designs, and your version is just as lovely. Love the SNOT windows in the midsection! A faithful reproduction - I like your use of slopes as opposed to the 'vehicle roof' pieces used in James' render, it lends a more 'classic' feel to the locomotive.

Keep up the awesome work! :D

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'my modest attempt' - you are way too modest 'Selander' your train is an EXCELLENT copy of the original train in the last photo.

Fantastic details to it including the windows - so cool ! :grin:

Great work and I'm a conformist! 'Selander' I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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