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REVIEW: 4564 Freight Rail Runner

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Lego set 4564 is the second freight train set from the 9V era. Released in 1994 it comes as a complete starter pack

with a locomotive, 3 small wagons, an oval track, transformer, speed control, 9v motor, 3 minifigs and a lorry with

loading ramp to access the open freight wagon.



The yellow locomotive has a typical european diesel shunter style, similar to e.g the Swedish T44 and many other engines.

Special pieces of interest are:

-Black train windows 2x6x2 which appears for the first, and only, time in this set.

-Yellow doors 1x5x4 and 1x2x3.

-Black train light prism holders in each end, although the LED and cable is not included.

In my opinion 4564 is the best Lego freight train to date. Reason for saying so is that it is a very nicely detailed set.

Locomotive has a lovely realistic design, and is full of nice unique parts.


Blue box car can be opened with the sliding doors and and unload it's postal packages and letters by turning the wheel

connected to a technic parts mechanism.


Red hopper also has similar unloading possibilities.


And last, the small open freight wagon where a container can be put in place using the loading ramp and

that nice 4-wide truck with it's special "hook" which adds a bit of realism when loading/unloading the red and

yellow containers.

All-in-all verdict:

+Nice realistic european look for the locomotive.

+Many unique parts included.

+Excellent playability due to many functions on locomotive and wagons.

+Got me out of my dark ages, when purchased MISB on sale 1996 for (only) EUR 80,-

Some things on the negative side:

-Truck is only 4-wide, and I do prefer 6-wide trucks.

-Wagons are all "short"compared to the locomotive.

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Thanks for sharing the review Selander. This set is a strong 5 in my opinion. Nice Euro-style loco, and I like the small wagons (esp. the tipper and boxcar).

I've added a poll, indexed, and front-paged this review. Nice! :thumbup:

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What a cool set for way back - I love it ! :wub:

Especially the engine with it's engine doors you can open for someone to work on servicing/repair them. :grin:

The truck is cute 4 wide, yes I too prefer 6 wide trucks. :sweet:

Great review 'Selander' ! :laugh:

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It's probably a 4.5 for me :thumbup:

The locomotive is almost perfect, and the red and blue wagons are really good.

I don't like the open wagon because it makes a bad use of space, and the truck but that was the era of 4-stud-wide vehicles and it was hard to make great trucks.

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I find this set oustanding because it has high playability and a wonderful colour scheme. I got this set second hand on eBay. The instructions came in very bad condition, but the seller stated so in the description. The seller didn't have the box anymore, but the actual set was in excellent conditioin. The seller said that his son had hardly ever played with it. All the bricks looked amazingly clean without a bit of dust on them. It had been lying in a place where no dust could gather on it. And I got the unused sticker sheet! Wow! I paid between 60 and 70 euro for it. It was a very good purchase, I believe.

By the way, shouldn't the railway logo on the hopper waggon be white instead of black?

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