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Mark Bellis

New Power Functions Circuit Diagrams

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For those of you into Power Functions or electronics, I've posted some more diagrams on my Brickshelf.

PF Light Brick:

One-at-a-time light brick (what I'd do if I had surface mount build capability):

This would be useful for an emergency vehicle, replicating the functionality of the 1x4 9V alternate lights.

Cascading PF IR receivers can overcome the 4-channel limit. It also has the benefit of reducing interference from other sources of PF signals, especially reducing spurious train movements from rest.

Cascading PF IR Receivers for 128-device operation (e.g. 128 trains on an exhibition layout):

Cascading for double header train:

Cascading for multiple header train (we know how US trains have at least 4 locos at the front!):


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Interesting diagrams Mark. Thanks for taking the time to draw out and share with us on EB. This is definately some pretty technical stuff for a "basic builder" like me. I'm going to take a little time and try to better understand these diagrams, even the more simpler PF light.

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