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Hi users! Admin have received a message from the server hosts.



Dear customer,

maintenance work is scheduled for your server on Wednesday 31/May/2023, between 2200 and 0800 on the next day. The downtime should only take a few hours but in exceptional cases it could take the entire period.

Thank you for your understanding


As you can see, Eurobricks may be offline for a few hours on 31 May but don't panic! They also mention nothing should change from the maintenance so the forum will be just the same as ever once the server is back online. 

This has been an advanced warning. :grin:

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Boom - June 2nd in Central Europe. Nothing happened :pir-huzzah2:

I am on my way to central US (well, Texas - not that central, is it?) - conference in Houston. The gang booked a house with a roof terrace - they already spent a week in Galveston (before the conference) to get a little sun tan. Looking forward to a few cans of the 211 fruit juice.

Guess there will be no issue on EB in that region either.

Nice, that it all went so smoothly with the maintenance!

All the best,

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Hopefully there has not been a message that it was delayed! Looks like we rode through fine otherwise.

My job was affected by the Rackspace downtime on Tuesday, so an amusing coincidence for me :grin:

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