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[MOC] Dressta TD-25M series-1

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Hello :)

It's been a while since I was finished, but I think it's worth showing here too :)


Dressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr


Scale 1:18, the whole thing is based on new electronics, which is something new for me, although this was not the assumption from the beginning. The model followed me for a long time, the appearance of the yellow 7s sprockets already gave a signal, but only the information about the yellow tracks in 42131 gave hope for a cool look (you know the paint from the tracks is coming off quickly, so the current DBG would do the trick, but;)). Unfortunately, disappointment soon came because the current 5s tracks would be perfect, the 7s are a bit too wide, but as often in real machines, in addition to a few standard track sizes, customer requirements are met (similar to the size and type of equipment), so I turned a blind eye to it. on the scale of these unchanging elements, the result is 1:18 :) As electronics, there were plans to put on PF, which in the case of pneumatics gave me some advantages, unfortunately, since the model was to be used at exhibitions, the IR control is out of the question, and as I prefer everything original, I chose hub from Minstorms Robot Inventor, obviously not perfect, but has some advantages that I gladly took advantage of :)


52316391496_960e591b32_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr 
52315596837_d8558c577d_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr


As a real machine is equipped with a hydrokinetic drive, it would be reasonable to use a subtractor to drive - it reflects this type of drive and steering, but as the model with free space in the middle does not boast, the choice went to the standard 2x motors (PU L) for the drive, one each to the side (z12 / z20 -> planetary hub), but so that there was no "sloth", the 2 steering drive is simulated by code, so it runs correctly in total, and since the HUB can play sounds, we got a reversing signal and a warning signal (horn) :)


Track frames in accordance with the original 3-point mounting (sprockets are rigidly attached to the frame and are not connected to the traction frame), small turntables are used as pivot shaft (track frame), the equalizer bar is oscillating (no pin mounting to the traction frame - in line with the real thing), so that the frame does not have a tendency " walking "sideways, as in reality, slides are built (main frame-traction frames). Consequently, the traction frames hesitate in line with the original, but the weight of the model has done its job and it is not effective - although it is fully consistent with its appearance. The idler wheels themselves are smooth (yes, it is possible), no tensioner - in the early versions it was and even worked, but the required range was small, and the idler (shock absorbers) have high inertia in the initial phase of movement, unfortunately resulted in the removal of this add-on.

52316713053_d1552097bc_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr
52316819314_4a10b199a5_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr


Front & rear attachment - initially I assumed full movements of everything, unfortunately the place, once again the place and the specificity of the ploughshare hydraulics control (in fact most of the movements are connected with each other) meant that there were only 2 basic movements left - but for LEGO needs I think it is sufficient. Hence we have:
- lifting / lowering the ripper, manual pitch only, but the pneumatic cylinders have pneumatic hoses ;)
- lifting / lowering the blade, no tilt movement (tilting to the side) and pitch (tilting forward - something that in 42131 is incorrectly called tilt;)),


52316710888_a664d21201_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr
52316840875_ca4d26fedf_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr
52316822419_7ffed8a9e5_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr


As I have daily contact with a real machine, including documentation or the production process, this excess of knowledge was disturbing at some points. It is known that a model made of bricks is not a reduction model, and a man would like to capture many details (preferably all);) Hence I will not say, the details took some time, of course there are those that will be noticed by few man and for most will be the background, no less I do not regret the dedicated them time.


52316820009_8cbde114a7_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr
52315600152_7d06844e43_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr
52316394866_9f997b81f3_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr
52316819239_d159540aae_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr
52316709693_6bca1bd62f_m.jpgDressta TD-25M series-1 by Bricksley, on Flickr

More photos:



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Overall look is as good as can be replicated by lego in that scale, so much details! ... Altough I'm not a Model Team guy. :-)

The drive is really great here, was the programming hard to do?

Kind of sad that the ripper tilt function is only manual... Did you consider skipping the rear lights but using the free port for the tilitng function? :-)

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Top job (and great remote control performance, even with the "system brick weight penalty", on which your model scores heavy - ohhh, look, a pun!).

As an aside, we could probably use a thread dedicated to the other machinery that was on the 'bean table' (at the end of the YT). I understand those are probably not made by you, but nevertheless I need to see them :D.

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Like the functionality over the design - looks complex, but smoothly working! How did ou implemented the backward alarm??

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