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Hi everyone.

Started working on a new project a few days ago. It is a twinsteer Renault Magnum fridge van with a taillift fitted. It is made out of pieces from the 42078 set. 

Now, I have a few bits and bobs left and was wanting to build a palletjack or some find of mini forklift to go in the back with a few pallets of goods, leftover tyres, hydraulic rams bit etc. Few odd goods for a fridge van eh 😂. Anyhow, I’m looking for expressions of interest as to what I should make to put in the fridge van itself.

Many thanks, 


I will add a few photos of the rig below.


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The front is rather hard to do without curved panels. I really like the wheel arches, looks really iconic :-)

As there are 2 big and 2 small actuators; did you try do use a two-step system? One mechanic to bring the door in horizontal position and on to lower them?

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Thanks guys, jorgeopesi, yes looks really compact and short in the pics but it’s defintely a lot longer in real life! Creating the cab wasn’t too hard Jundis, yes there are not many curved panels, but I think the fact that the magnum’s cab was relatively square made easy work of designing one up. I have only used the 1 small actuator as i could not fit a large one in as easily as I would have liked. The tailgate just folds out by hand 😂.

Cheers, Kyle

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