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efferman 2.2.4 (1), bugs in the new release

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The actual update 2.2.4 (1) makes some problems.

it seems all parts from the ldraw library seem to be corrupted in rendering.


my selfdesigned customparts seem to work, but the part size is gigantic. this 16 tooth gear is zoomed out to the maximum.


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Posted (edited)

Yeah, seems heavily broken.

Seen on Studio Facebook group:

Latest (2.2.4 (1)) is broken in many ways.
  • it won't load most parts correctly into the parts-palette. (scala baby bottle e.g. seems ok, but I prefer to build with bricks).
  • it won't load my existing files correctly, everything looks empty.
  • it forgets (some) preferences: my background was custom gray. Now it is reset to white everytime I load

(note that this duiscussion would be better placed in Studio thread, not Part Designer one...)

Edited by Philo

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