Somewhere on the continent, the crew busies itself for the changes to come. Eurobricks: The Great Brick War by ODA 401, on Flickr Mr. Tyr Helgason (a.k.a, Boss): "I'm sure you've been keeping up with the news in Soalon, therefore I will have you know that I am working on securing an old facility over there where we can set up a sort of FOB." Connely: "It sounds like the right idea. I'm sure we'll be called upon in the near future." Boss: "Brief your team tonight. . . I will give you all the necessary details when we get to my office. I want to start shipping the supplies over within a week."  Connely: "Will do." The two continue their talk while Merlin and Krueger work on the teams APC, a modified Buffel Mk. IIA.