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[OL-FB-COLLAB] Repaying the Loyalty of Nola Mar Part 2

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Loyalty to the crown has earned the good people of Nola Mar the King's protection, but also his good graces. As such, he has called upon his nobles to demonstrate the charity and good will of the Kingdom of Light. Brother Jacob runs the mission inside Nola Mar and asks that you take a moment to acknowledge the crests of the noble houses that have funded the mission in Nola Mar, the houses of Rimbaud (@Keymonus) and d'Offren (@blackdeathgr) and Beauchamp. 



(Thank you noblemen)

Similar to the mission established earlier to help the refugees from the conflict streaming to Astrapi, the Mission of Faith in Nola Mar welcomes those in need during these difficult times. 


The large cultural build demonstrates the benefits of Oleander culture, piety, and patriotism, while providing the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the war's victims, though not all can, nor should, come into the camp as refugees. The missionaries are a common sight throughout the town, offering food, providing medical check ups, ensuring what comfort can be provided, is provided. Here we can see Sister de Cloche distributing some food to some refugees just outside one of the mission gates. 


(Provided by @Bodi!!! Thanks!!!)

as we can see when we look within each of the buildings.


The brothers of the faith practice their healing arts on those in need of medical care. 


Food is free and available to all those who are hungry (those aren't horse hearts, they are just red juicy delicious apples).


Even a bunk with clean linen can be found. As refugees stream into the city through the security checkpoints, many mothers can be found occupying family rooms as the fathers enlist in the service of the King. Of course none are turned away, but certainly priority is reserved for the families of those who enlist. 


True to the well known piety of the Kingdom of Light, the primary gods are prominently represented and the brother's provide spiritual comfort in these trying times. 


It is quite an operation the priests are running here. Well funded by the good and noble houses of Oleon. A touching testament to the goodness of the Crown and Country of Oleon.





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Very nice and touching story. I like your construction. I see an interior view with many details. I see how people help others.

The additional photo by @Bodi is very good. The delivery of the bread and the faces of the women is really very good.

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The timber building looks great, and it can be opened to show the interior, it's even better!

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Another great design. I especially like the top overview pic without the roofs, which really shows the whole scene well. Lots of good details here.

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