Help with corrupt LDD file? Please

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So I have spent the past week on a project in LDD, tried to open it to show my kids my progress and bam file was corrupt. I have scoured the forums and tried as much as I can to try and repair the file myself. I tried Diskinternals ZIP repair, 7zip. No luck. I tried repairing the zip file and using the LXFML for the code and using notepad (as I saw on one thread) but I am not as computer savy as I'd like so I wasn't able to do that either. I then read about hexeditor to try and recover the file, when I tried that I instantly realized I was way over my head, It may as well have been hieroglyphics! 

So please, is there anyone smarter than me who might be able to help recover some progress to this project?  


Hopefully this link works!

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Here you are.  (I will remove the file in a few days.)

All the parts should be there, the LXFML was corrupted later, in the connections.  The order in the LXFML is Bricks, RigidSystem (connections), Groups, Instructions.

What I did:

  1. extract the .lxf, the extractor complains but the .lxfml is just truncated,
  2. open the .lxfml to check the end of the file,
  3. see it was truncated in the RigidSystems,
  4. go back to the end of the bricks section (</Bricks>),
  5. cut from there to the end of the file (keep </Bricks> of course),
  6. add a closing </LXFML> tag,
  7. open the new .lxfml in LDD to check the file,
  8. save as .lxf for convenience.

In the future, make more backups :wink:

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