[MOC] Scrat the Ice Age Lego squirrel

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By accident I stumbled across Scrat's face from Pixar's animated movie 'Ice Age' while messing around for a different MOC. Fate? Maybe. A reason to complete him? Absolutely!

So here he is, in all his disaster provoking glory. Because he retired from film making a while ago and had a good deal of vacation in sunny Hawaii he turned out to be more brown than tan (so not at all because the required parts weren't available in tan, no of course not...)

Hope you like him. Instructions & more pics also available @

And if you want Scrat chasing after the acorn on your desk/mantelpiece/DVD collection or in your kitchen/bedroom/toilet (ok, better not in your toilet), you can get the full set here.





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MANNY thanks ;)

Early on I was determined to use that large curved piece as the basis for his tail but then it also needed to look like a bushy squirrel tail so that bush piece came in very handy (though not available in brown or tan, unfortunately).

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