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How does Lego accumulate parts that go into each bag in a set?

I’ve seen videos of individual pieces being made in the molds, videos of the boxes of individual pieces going to and from the huge stock wall of parts with the robots, videos of minifigs being painted and put together, and videos of bags dropping into boxes to complete a set. But I’ve searched and never found any presentation on how the hundreds of parts are gathered, counted, and weighed to be put in a bag.

How does Lego do that and are there any behind the scenes videos of that? I have a sneaking suspicion it’s a trade secret and that’s why I can’t find anything on this anywhere. I have a huge curiosity about this step because it seems like a little bit of magic to accomplish and would love to see it.

Does anybody know of any behind the scenes videos of this?



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3:30-4:43, the "pre-pack line" Megafactories Lego 3 of 3

"Phase 4, the pre-pack line. Workers manually fill every sorting machine with the corresponding element. The pre-pack line divides the Lego pieces [for the police station set] into smaller groups before going into the boxes. Finely calibrated sorting machines count exact numbers of pieces while keeping the line moving at a fast pace. The air in the plastic bags keeps the pieces from breaking during shipping. At full speed the line packs over 50,000 bags a day. And they get the piece count in each right by tracking weight down to the milligram. Every cartridge goes through six weight checkpoints. If the weight is off the final checkpoint kicks the cartridge out for manual verification. The system has to keep up a steady pace along all pre-pack lines."

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