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Hi, my name is Viktor

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When I was a teenager, I used to build a lot. I soon realized that Technic is my thing, I liked machines with working functions, and of course cars, suspensions, motorization, remote control. Not that I had a lot of Lego (took me a while to save all my pocket money for 8880), but I built everything I could from those pieces (plus a few smaller sets). As back in those times motorization and remote control was more limited than today, we (me and a friend) invented ourselves, and added the missing electronics (like cables, LED lights, switches, power sources). It was fun :)

Now 20 years later, with the help of eye-catching youtube videos I was lured back to Lego. I was impressed to see how much Technic has evolved, especially on the remote control side. Already, studless building was an entirely different level to experience. With internet sharing available, it seems much more fun to build and improve together. People build amazing things! I want to be part of this, try myself again in designing things as an adult. And of course, it's much easier to collect all the necessary bricks when you can spare some money from your adult earnings :)

On my day job I am a software engineer working in Budapest. Interested in artificial intelligence and robotics. I was especially happy to see the new robot inventor set coming out :) Also, I am happy for the new powered-up system, I think they hide some interesting opportunities.

Let's see how building goes with all these new possibilities!


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Hi Viktor - welcome to EB!  Yes, the last 20 years or so have seen many changes to the Lego line-up, and I think you're coming back to the brick at a good time.  Technic in particular seems to have a lot more folks very actively involved in the community than I remember in the previous decade, and lots of inspiration and good discussion here on the board.  Happy building!  :classic:

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