At the height of Oktoberfest, things sometimes can get... a little out of hand. It is unclear if this was a "pirate raid" or "fest shenanigans," but in either case the damage was light, easily repaired, and all involved were drunk.  Right after the fest tents cleared out for the night, a mob/band/party of sailors/fest goers passed the brewery on their way home. Deciding that in fact, they had not had enough to drink, they broke in and helped themselves. Morning found them still hard at work trying to drink the place dry.  Yes, the normally tranquil factory, using the rich soil along the creek to grow their own hops, a picturesque place to work. Normally, alive with clockwork precision, particularly gearing up towards the high demand of fest season. The factory had been at max capacity for weeks, filling the racks with kegs for the Punto Sur festivities. But, tor the last 24 hours has been more like the fest tents on the tail end than the brewery on the front one. One report included drunken sailors trying to "cut out the middle men" and gorging themselves off half-ripe hops, straight off the vine... probably the best thing for them, they had probably had enough by that point anyway.  Luckily, it appears that the most substantial costs of the whole event was the astonishing cut to the breweries inventory. The owners have claimed that even accounting for what was clearly spilled, the amount of beer consumed by the wayward sailors was, "absurd!" Though the demand is certainly high enough for their product, this temporary transfer of ownership has prompted the owner to consider selling this money maker to set up shop in a line of work with less on the job hazards.