When the informal chamber of commerce first proposed the idea, it may have actually been a joke over a soggy fest tent table in the wee hours of the morning.  Then, when the local merchants realized how well they'd done and that the growing popularity of Punto Sur would only build on that momentum, suddenly, the idea was registered on an actual list of ways to link Octoberfest and Punto Sur forever. The phrase, "Beer Shrine" and "Beer Fountain" certainly does slosh around in the mind of any hearty sailor. Too much so in fact, the number 1 problem since the Shrine was built has been drunk sailors trying to climb in and drink the brown tinted collected rainwater. The inscription reads: "The god Bacchus has upended his bottomless keg of ale on the fest grounds of Punto Sur, ensuring that all here who have thirst, shall have it quenched" Certainly the 4 godly statues imbibing does little to warn off the late night drunk that has drank his last DB away.  However, across the Brick Seas, "Have you worshipped at the beer shrine" HAS in fact become synonymous with going to Octoberfest in Punto Sur. So maybe this wasn't such a crazy idea after all? It is often grudgingly admitted that the shrine truly has become the landmark and cultural center of the fest.