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Just the pirate who mistook the island.
All creation has 3.5bp x 4bp and 40cm high because the palm tree.

50257249188_347ffa4123_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr

I spent the most time building a palm tree, I had a few different ideas, but there was always a problem with stability.
When I built it inclined, it would topple even before the leaves were attached.
I even built a boulder as a support, but that wasn't it. It looked somehow bizarre and the palm tree would have to be even larger.

The tree itself consists of elements below which are connected by axle32L inside and one smaller.

49915387166_c90e5247fa_z.jpgPalm tree idea by jarekwally, on Flickr

49891690763_6f6cc21c70_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr


50257248948_c7abcc795d_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr

50258093672_385fc73e5a_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr

50262757693_5447def8e4_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr

50262757723_65cbed789e_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr

50263416461_a56c912073_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr

50263601257_112324ec5b_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr

50263416451_dde2e9eb42_z.jpgPirate by jarekwally, on Flickr


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20 hours ago, evancelt said:

I love the scale of it. So cool! Great work!



1 hour ago, Count Vroskri said:

Great work! 


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Nice one, love the fact that the boat is built using hull pieces of a ship, out of all the things here, I like the flintlock build.

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