22 May 620AE Location: The Rock   After many months at sea, Commander Corwin Ragnarrson of the Black Wolf Company has landed on The Rock in the the Prio Sea. Taking advantage of the caves and tunnels that litter the island, the group has offloaded and stashed their supplies and chests of coin away from prying eyes, until suitable lodging can be sourced. A scouting mission revealed a small town to the north situated on a tiny island (Sereen Cay), which is where they are headed next.  (Just a wee little build to kick off my BoBS journey. Took a break from my other builds to throw this together and start to set the narrative for the future plans).       A Brief History of Corwin Ragnarrson and the Black Wolf: Little is known of these new arrivals, other than they hail from far shores across the Great Northern Sea, from the land of Vikendia. Stories tell the Vikendi were a great nation of warriors, raiders, and explorers in centuries past. However, since the fall of the Great Empire, the Vikendi were rarely were seen through the rest of Halos, short of a few traders, adventurers, and wanderers.  The Black Wolf name is taken from the Amarok (Wolf) tribe of Vikendi to whom many expedition members belong. The Amarok worship the giant wolf god Fenris, who legend tells, led the ancestors of the Amarok out of the barren icy plains of Vikendia, to a small fertile penninsula, which they still occupy to this day.  Officlal Black Wolf Expeditionary Group flag. Design may vary between military and civilian uses. Colors are black and yellow.      Commander Corwin Ragnarrson is a man shrouded in mystery. Even his own men know only bits and pieces of his story. It is known he is of mixed Vikendi and Olean blood. His father, Ragnar, was a Vikendi trader who traveled to Eastern Halos. His mother Patricia, was the daughter of a prominent Olean Navy Captain. They fell in love, eloped to the countryside and not long after Corwin was born. When he was a young boy, both his parents died, and while he never speaks on it, many have concluded their deaths were at the hands of agents of the Order of The Faith, as Ragnarrson possesses a deep hatred of those who practice The Faith, and anyone who supports tyrannical Monarchies. After his parents death, young Corwin escaped to Corrington, where he was taken in by a compassionate merchant, and raised and received an education. As a young man, Ragnarrson one day disappeared from Corrington, and spent the next years wandering Halos before finally returning to Vikendia, and the Amarok.  Now, years later, he has returned south again, to stake a claim for the Amarok in the new world....and possibly settle some old scores.