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Lego and Lord of the Rings work perfectly fine together! We have had a lovely Lego set of the battle of Helms Deep including the Hornburg, and a Lego version of the Orthanc. What we haven’t seen yet is a Lego version of one of the most iconic places in Middle Earth: Minas Tirith. The battle for Minas Tirith, featured in the movie "The Return of the King", is one of the most memorable cinematic battles ever. The Lego Lord of the Rings theme misses just this one set to live up to the epic legacy of the Lord of the Rings franchise. If you agree with me, please do not hesitate and go to to vote for this epic Lego version of Minas Tirith! If the idea reaches 10.000 supporters, the Lego Ideas team will review this creation and consider it for production!

his set features three levels of walls, which are characteristic for Minas Tirith's appearance. The lower and upper wall are on minifigure scale. They feature working gates and walkable ramparts: perfectly playable to relive your version of the battle of Minas Tirith. The lower section of the citadel tower features a throne room. The citadel tower can be easily detached from the upper wall section, to enhance playability. Once finished playing for a while, the set can be reassembled to put it on for display. The citadel tower and the upper wall are both designed to bear resemblance to the actual grand scale of Minas Tirth. Therefore little houses, towers and royal buildings are worked into the design of the castle to fluently incorporate both minifigure and micro scale in the castle's appearence. The set also features several minifigures, working catapults on the walls, and a catapult for the orc army laying siege to the castle. 


All together this sets includes:

  • Lower wall with gatehouse and catapults
  • Upper wall with gatehouse 
  • Citadel tower with throne room
  • Minifigures: Gandalf the White, Pippin, 3x Gondor soldier, Denethor, 4x Orc soldier
  • Orc catapult

Are you with me? Every vote counts! Because “even the smallest person can change the course of the future” ;) Also, let me know what you guys think of this Idea! Are you excited about it? Is it feasible? Are you missing anything?  

minas tirith LQ.jpg

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Will vote, looks excellent at this scale, nice use of parts, etc.  But I doubt this will get made as TLG has had plenty of opportunity to make a similar set and didn't. You do need a few more minifigs, a lit beacon, a Nazgul, and of course, Grond. By the way, how many parts and any interior features?

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I personally would love this to be a set, I was very sad that this theme ended, the build is fantastic as well, but I am wary Lego may not do this set for the same reason I don't think they will do the Indiana Jones set these themes didn't sell very well for Lego and there wasn't much interest, I know they've turned down a fair few lord of the rings ideas so far but I'm hoping they won't with this one 


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