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[Factions Ep. 5 Cat. D][M12 - Byblos - TT] A Symbol of Loyalty

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Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: As a result of the Imperial Triumvirate core-wards expansion several ex-imperials have pledged their loyalty to the new unified Imperial Remnant. Some join existing companies as senior or veteran commanders, others have a, let’s say a more unorthodox way of re-enlisting… These veterans, ex-commandos... I think we should call them... Krayt Squad!

Somewhere in the colonies region a band of ex-imperial hunters have donated the trophy of their latest prey, to the newly established Imperial Museum of Science, as a symbol of their loyalty, and a gift as they re-enlist into the Imperial Triumvirate.


Sr. Archivist Zeena Cain has been responsible for the installation and display of the incredible skull of a Krayt Dragon. Unfortunately the mighty horns were damaged and broke off during the battle between the Dragon and the hunters.



This was a super interesting challenge. Unfortunately 16 studs is not a lot, when you want to do a huge dragon skull. I had to leave out the horns in the back of the skull. Still - I'm pretty happy with the result. Heres a 360 view of the final trophy...



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This is amazing! I saw it on Instagram and immediately knew what you were building for. The shaping is excellent and I love that round podium. Are those custom stickers on the round plate/tile? You make a good point about the 16x16 limitation. I don't think we thought that one through enough when making the challenge. But you've done a great job within the space confines and I'm interested to see how others tackle this.

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