Your Grace, I'm afraid that I must relay information about an unfortunate event involving your people. 
Of late, a number of Lotii ships have been making berth in Astrapi, on their way to the New Haven Seas. I am told that we represent a neutral harbour where they resupply in relative safety from both Carno and Corrington squadrons.
However, I'm afraid that these circumstances have now changed. On the evening of 21 March, it seems that some of your monks caught wind of heathen practices occurring up in the hills above above Astrapi. It seems that a small group of the Lotii were practicising their strange arts up there. 
Well, your men donned their armour and headed up there. Caught the Lotii folk off-guard and meted out some vicious justice. 
What few survivors there were headed off on their junks, swearing retribution on Oleon and all the priests of the Order.
For what it's worth, your people seem to have the support of the people. Your actions here last year seem to have won you a great deal of respect. 
Nonetheless, the Order is not endowed to conduct military actions on behalf of Oleon. Your monks here have been issued with a formal caution on behalf of the crown.
With all this in mind, I must ask you, directly; you have often stated that you are not looking to start any wars. Is this still the case? Your friend,
Renè Duchamp Renè, No. François