Anyone experience the splash page?

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For a while tonight I was getting all web links redirected to a splash page that had a 950+ day countdown: Looked like the cat unplugged the web site. Maybe it was just an 500 or 505 error page. Anyone else encounter this? The links seem to work again.


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965 days seems like a very long period though :tongue:

This doesn't feel entirely right.

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Here's the reply (unedited) to the email inquiry I sent to asking them what's up:


We are running  few  maintenance procedures  
Should be hopefully fine bye weekend.
If you need any thing specific drop us Email.

With this reply I'm thinking the 965 hour cat countdown might be a web host's sense of humour. I recall that the server-side error pages are hidden pages. If that's still right, then those pages are web host generated and come loaded with the web hosting. They are not necessarily edited or tweaked by those actually managing the content on the site. The pages can be rewritten to match the layout of the site, so it could be a webmaster's sense of humour too. But since the cute cat theme is not very, I suspect the former as more likely.

Still, I agree, it doesn't feel quite right. It certainly doesn't inspire confidence.

Maybe if it were a cat poster saying "believe!" it would be more LEGO. So maybe something like: "I beleive everything will be fine bye the weekend." :grin:

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