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Maxim I

[Black Flag] Captain Grey recruiting a crew

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Captain Hernando Grey had a very succesfull career in the MAESTRO Navy. Starting with small class 2's, he managed to upgrade till he received command over the AQAR. He was a welcome guest during MAESTRO meetings and many considered him to be a true friend. But then some of the MAESTRO top departed for an adventure in the far South. It was supposed to be a quick mission so with vessels as the "Margot", "Purple Reign" and "Prince of Stedor", some decent firepower left. More than 2 years later, no ship had returned from that mission and imeanwhile many fine MAESTRO ships were lost during trade missions, mostly due pirates.

With the AQAR, Captain Hernando Grey had the task to escort the biggest New Terraman sailing in the Brickseas, the "Gotheborg". Traderun after traderun, his task proved very succesfull with amazing profits obtained by the Gotheborg. Neverthless, the losses of other vessels added up, leading to a small crisis in Eslandola. As MAESTRO was affraid to lose the "Gotheborg", orders were given to sail along the other Eslandolan Trade Companies in common trade routes. The AQAR and the Gotheborg met in Weelond with the other ships to start their combined trade missions. Given he had command over the 2 biggest vessels of the convoy, Captain Hernando Grey really hoped to be appointed as Admiral of the Trade Fleet.

But alas, it was Captain Flynt who was appointed Admiral.

A proud man, Captain Hernando Grey, that was for sure. He looked to the invite for Captain Flynt's celebration party, made a paper ship out of it and tossed it in the sea. The next morning, the AQAR was gone. The most loyal MAESTRO soldiers and officers were found confused on the quay. Confused but alive. All others had joined Captain Grey.

Weeks passed by and a few unsuccesfull attempts were making Captain Grey doubting he made the right decision or not. But due his popularity, the crew remained loyal. More weeks passed by, just like a small Corrington tradefleet. Almost unprotected. It was now or never. It was never even a fight. The Alexander and Valkyrie surrendered very quickly. The Valkyrie being a former MAESTRO vessel as well (MAESTRO Corrington has become inactive), their captains accepted Captain Grey as their new leader.

Back in Prinport, Captain Grey started recruiting more crew to equip the 2 new vessels.


And the finest and most advanced cannons that can be bought in Prinport. When the Garveyan merchant assured it was the best quality in the Northern hemisphere as they were made by MAESTRO, Captain Grey could not stop smiling.


Time for some more action!



With this, I would like to change the stats of the "Valkyrie" and "Alexander" to make them more Pirate-y!

For the Alexander (class 3)

R3 - M3 - G3 - Cr3 - C0 - H3

For the Valkyrie (class 2)

R3 - M3 - G2 - Cr2 - C0 - H2

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Love the cannon design you have there! :thumbup:

And it's Admiral de Flynt. :pir-grin:

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Tortuga may be a fine place to find more like minded individuals such as ye self that won't threaten to sell you a new neck tie .... Lest you spill their grog that is.

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A very wise decision indeed!  Freedom begins by starting to accept that the sea is a sailors' only master.

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