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[MOD] Mclaren Senna 75892 8 studs wide

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Hi all,


Here is my mod of 75892 so that its 8 studs wide. I think it definitely looks better like this compare to the set. Here are some pictures!


mclaren senna 8 wide_6mclaren senna 8 wide_2mclaren senna 8 wide_4


mclaren senna 8 wide_5mclaren senna 8 wide_3


I couldn't figure out how to attach the window piece so I left it out, and there are supposed to be 1 x 1 tiles as rear view mirrors.

I hope you like it!


Now on rebrickable:

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19 hours ago, Metagross555 said:

On the set the window piece isn't studded in, just sitting upside down.

Could you possibly make instructions?

Yeah that's why I had trouble putting it in.

Instructions are on the way, just waiting for Rebrickable to approve it.

14 hours ago, Jaromir said:

It is looking much much better, great job mate :)



12 hours ago, Jaromir said:

How many parts, which were not included in the model, have you used?



20 hours ago, Shiva said:

Nice :)


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