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Darth Bjorn

[Factions Ep. 3] [Jilruan - R12 - Jilrua] [R12 - Jilrua - TT] Unlikely Liberation

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Diplomacy Mission Report from Cdr. Bannon: After positive negotiations with the hutts in the vicinity of Triumvirate territory, the hutts have agreed to give the Jilruans their partial independence. This means that Jilruans are free of any previous bondage to the hutts, but the hutts will maintain their presence and power on Jilrua. In the wake of these events several Jilruans has pledged their allegiance to the Imperial Triumvirate. I am sure we can put these renowned warriors to good use.

Species: Jilruan from Jilrua (


And a few detailed shots - let me know what you think...



Experimenting with ruin walls...


Another view...


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On 10/21/2019 at 7:57 AM, Darth Bjorn said:

Thank you guys! @Ross Fisher Yeah - it is rare that parts outside SW theme fits really well, but I really think it works in this case - too bad it only has one expression... ;)

That's Blue Beetle's head yes?

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