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[MOC] Touron Exos

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Good Day! New to this sub-forum (technic main) and very inexperienced in studded building as well as parts limited, but nonetheless really wanted to build a mecha after rewatching "Darling in the Franxx". Having a few Exo-force minifigs I set on an orange colour scheme belonging to Ryo. All came around the steering bars used as shoulder pieces and the cockpit piece.

Tauron Exos - 1st generation mecha, mainly used in security purposes due to it's small size and lightweight construction. Features rocket boosters for faster movements as well as extended jumps.





Overall I'm unhappy with how the legs ended up, but there were no more orange parts to work with as well as clips so it was a compromise. 




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I like the color scheme. The parts use of the hands is cool. If you like building the mech type builds, there is a cool YouTube tutorial on how to build various bodies and more functional hands. 

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