This years Building Contest for the 15th Eurobricks-Event in Günzburg was: Build your own town in style of the LEGO Architecture Skyline Series. The idea behind it was to learn even more about each other. The rules were easy and as following: Use LEGO to build a skyline in style of the LEGO Architecture Skylines.
Use some nice buildings or interesting sight seeing spots of the town you live in. 
(If it would be suuuper small and there is a bigger town near by I guess it would be fine to use that town. But e.g. don't build the skyline of Copenhagen if you would live in Billund)
Keep it in roughly the same size as the models form LEGO.
A nice paper print out with some informations about the skyline would be nice too.
Have fun!   Here are all the amazing Skylines together in one Picture and some impressions of the presentation
Special thanks to CopMike for supplying us all with beautiful printed 1x8 tiles with the city names.

    And now here we go for all the individual entries: Ravensburg, Germany "The City of Games" (by Skalldyr)

for more detailed pictures and some behind the scenes building techniques just click here!