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REVIEW - #70828 Pop-Up Party Bus

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4 hours ago, SpiderSpaceman said:

I had my first substitution errors recently myself - one in 76111 Batman: Brother Eye Takedown; two in 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg

Never had any of those and I'm in particularly puzzled by a big part like the Sand Green wedge getting mixed up. Unfortunately I had to get in touch a ton of times with support for replacing parts with quality issues, but that seems to be a whole other dimension.


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I only had 1 wrong part mistake so far, got a 1x6 light bluish grey plate, instead of a white 2x2 corner brick in the 3-in-1 Modular Family Villa set.

1x6 plate is not used in the set.

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Overall this set seems fine, the returning colors are cool

just wish they actually had Lego mini-figures in it and not those inarticulate (By comparison) minidolls. They really hold this set back

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