Colony Name: New Nassau  Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Island #21 Blond Beach, Mud Beach Island
Map: Geographical Features: Just a finger's depth beneath the soil of this island is a foul-smelling yellow loam, for which it is named. The island's beaches are stained yellow as the soil is eroded into the sea. On the interior of the island, amidst great tropical trees, can be found mud pits of the self-same yellow earth, dug out by boars, or other beasts. The Island's southern side has several fresh-water lakes.
  Island Rumors: It is said that the natives wear this mud to prevent getting bitten by the island's insects. Who can own property in New Nassau: Anyone - who wishes to live free from tyranny and control of any crown.   This is a Pirate Haven. Who can freebuild in New Nassau: Anyone